Sony Is Going To War On The Last Of Us Part II Leaks

The fallout occurring from the leaks of The Last of Us Part II has been nothing short of disastrous for Sony, Naughty Dog, and all else involved. Now, content creators discussing the latest leaks are feeling the heat.

According to Evostrix, Sony has been taking strict action against those engaged in discussion over The Last of Us Part II leaks. Specifically, Sony has launched a legal offensive on content creators who merely talk about The Last of Us Part II leaks, not necessarily showing footage or even discussing the spoilers themselves at lengths.

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Some content creators on social media spoke out against Sony and Naughty Dog about their issuing of copyright strikes against the mere pontification and discourse over The Last of Us Part II‘s leaks.

The tweet from Jeremy Prime above shows how Sony and Naughty Dog are applying DCMA measures and copyright strike violations in order to take down videos and content from creators. As Evostrix mentions, one who posts a video on the receiving end of a DCMA notice has the ability to issue a counter-notice but has to wait for the sender of the takedown notice before anything progresses.

Unfortunately, Jeremy Prime wasn’t the only victim of Sony and Naughty Dog’s overreach here. Numerous other content creators spoke out on social media platforms about the actions taken against them by Sony.

it’s fairly sad to see Sony and Naughty Dog overextend their legal hand with regards to these The Last of Us Part II leaks. Even content creators who didn’t perpetuate the leaks themselves but want to analyze them or even mention them to their fans are feeling Sony’s legal wrath.

As for the leaks themselves, Sony has confirmed that the leaks are not from a disgruntled employee, as seen in initial reports. However, the leaks were nonetheless disappointing to fans who saw them despite wanting to wait for the game to come out before. They were disappointed over the notion of crunch culture being a possible culprit in the leaks, as well as the direction of the plot.

Hopefully, the legal actions taken by Sony can be swiftly responded to. The company’s frustration is certainly understandable given the conditions but the response should be aimed toward the appropriate targets.

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