Sora from Kingdom Hearts is not in Smash Bros. claims leaker

Leakers have ruled out a host of popular picks for the fifth Smash Bros. DLC character, including Lloyd Irving and Master Chief.

Trying to guess the DLC characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been a hit and miss affair so far, with the reveals for Persona 5, Dragon Quest, Banjo-Kazooie, and Fatal Fury only occasionally being predicted with any accuracy.

Nintendo has never said when the rumoured fifth character will be announced but since The Game Awards was the venue for the first one there’s a lot of speculation it’ll be used to reveal the final one of this set (although there will now be more than five overall).

One popular guess recently has been Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series, but according to reliable leaker Sabi, that’s not going to happen.

Not only did they rule out Sora though, they also pooh-poohed the idea of Lloyd Irving from Tales Of Symphonia, despite what seemed to be teases from the character’s voice actor.

They also shot down suggestions that it would be Master Chief from Halo, at least based on a very obviously fake audio intro supposed to reveal the character in Smash.

Another serial leaker with a good track record, Vergeben from GameFAQs, has also ruled out any character from Bandai Namco or Level-5. So no Tekken, Soulcalibur, or Professor Layton.

They’d also previously ruled out anyone from Ubisoft, Falcom, or Nippon Ichi Software. So no Sam Fisher, Rayman, Prinny, or Tales Of Cold Steel characters.

Also specifically denied are longstanding rumours about Dante, Doomguy, Ryu Hayabusa, Geno, and Gordon Freeman.

But really, as relatively reliable as these leakers have been in the past, they’re not infallible and nobody’s track record on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been perfect.

That said, the most likely options at the moment are looking like Tracer from Overwatch (assuming Nintendo hasn’t been put off by the recent Blizzard controversy), a Resident Evil rep (based on the surprise inclusion of spirits recently), or simply a new Nintendo character (it still seems surprising there’s been no-one from ARMS yet, just assist characters).

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