Spider-Man Fan Shows What PS5 Game Would Look Like In First-Person

A dedicated fan has decided to give us all a glimpse of what Spider-Man: Miles Morales could look like if there was a first-person option. They used the game's photo mode to create a stop-motion sequence that shows Miles run, jump, and swing through a frosty New York.

As Insomniac's Spider-Man games are only available on the PS4 and PS5, we won't be seeing any mods that could enable a first-person POV anytime soon. However, a silly little limitation like that clearly isn't enough to stop some super creative fans.

The stop-motion video does a great job of showcasing just how cool it would be to shoot webs in first-person – something a scene from The Amazing Spider-Man has also done. It's certainly a great proof of concept, but the video can make you feel a little motion sick because you simply cannot take 24 pictures in a second on a PS5.

It's a very immersive effect, and there's a certain thrill you get out of seeing webs shoot from Miles' wrists as he swings around that you just don't get in the game's original third-person mode. It's been a while since the game came out, so it's unlikely insomniac would patch in a brand new POV, but we can hope for the option to change perspectives in Spider-Man 2, set to launch in 2023.

The next installment in Insomniac's Spidey games looks like it will feature both Peter Parker and Miles Morales – although we don't know for sure if they'll both be playable characters, it would make sense for them to be.

Teased at the end of Spider-Man 2018, Venom is set to be one of the main antagonist of the sequel. Voiced by the legendary Tony Todd of Candyman fame, the Symbiote sounds truly terrifying. Insomniac needed a villain that would top Doctor Octopus, and it seems they've found and cast them perfectly.

Miles Morales has swung into the Christmas top ten, so pick up a copy and try making your own stop-motion film.

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