Spider-Man trailer for Avengers finally reveals exclusive PS4 & PS5 character

Ahead of his arrival at the end of November, you can finally see Spider-Man in action in a new story trailer for Marvel’s Avengers.

It has been over a year since Spider-Man was announced as a playable character for Marvel’s Avengers. Shortly after sharing a piece of promotional art showing what his suit will look like in the game, developer Crystal Dynamics has now uploaded a cinematic trailer to hype up his inclusion at the end of November.

It’s a brief trailer, only featuring Spider-Man fighting some goons on its own before receiving assistance from the Avengers. But it does give some idea of what Spidey’s combat will be like as he weaves and dodges enemy attacks, pinning enemies to the ground and blinding them with his webs.

One thing that can be said for sure is that Yuri Lowenthal, who voiced Spider-Man in the Insomniac games, is not voicing the character in the Avengers game. No doubt this is because Crystal Dynamics wishes to establish their own iteration of Spider-Man and perhaps ensure that fans don’t mistakenly believe that the Avengers and Insomniac games take place in the same continuity.

Spider-Man’s inclusion has been a long time coming, but Crystal Dynamics only began sharing proper information on it earlier this month, including his release date of November 30.

There is also still no real gameplay footage of Spider-Man though. So hopefully Crystal Dynamics will post a separate trailer or host a livestream to demonstrate how he plays.


Given the character’s popularity, his inclusion is bound to draw back old players and attract new ones. However, this will only apply to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of Avengers, since Spider-Man will be exclusive to those platforms.

That said, he’s not the only thing coming to the game on November 30. The update will bring several gameplay changes and add a new raid against supervillain Klaw from the War for Wakanda expansion.

Marvel’s Avengers is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, and Stadia.

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