Spiritfarer: Every Spirit’s Location And Their Perks, Likes And Dislikes

One of the best parts about Spiritfarer is meeting all of the spirits and discovering the sweet and moving stories relating to each one. Each spirit is found in a different location and they all have their own likes and dislikes to pay attention to, especially if you want to befriend them all.

There is more than one achievement/trophy related to making the spirits happy/ecstatic, and they’ll be a whole lot happier if you feed them their favorite foods, speak to them often, and build/improve their houses. As their happiness improves, you will unlock new perks for each spirit. Here’s everything you need to know about where to find each spirit and its likes, dislikes, and perks.

There are some actions that are universally liked/disliked by Spirits that can affect their happiness in addition to gifting them food they like/dislike. For example, hugging them will increase their happiness, whereas forgetting to feed them to the point where they are “staving” will have a negative impact. Certain aspects of their individual questlines will affect them both positively or negatively too.


  • Location: Mount Toroyama (Coordinates: -99, 34)
  • Favorite Food: Veggie-Pot Pie
  • Likes: Old Fashioned and Dessert dishes
  • Dislikes: Acquired Taste, Exotic, and Stimulant dishes
  • Unlocks: Nebula Pillbug event to get Nebula Fibre


At lower happiness levels, Alice will cook food for you and remove burnt dishes from the oven if you’ve forgotten them. As her happiness increases, she will also begin to shop for ingredients and pick fresh fruit for you. When she is ecstatic, Alice will play joyful music.


  • Location: Bottom Line Corp. (Coordinates: 137, 59)
  • Favorite Food: Noodle Soup
  • Likes: Plain and Soup dishes, Atul playing the flute
  • Dislikes: Fine Dining and Sweet dishes, Atul banging as he repairs the boat, being bullied by Mickey
  • Unlocks: Turtle Sisters event where you can plant rocks/trees to harvest


When Astrid is in a neutral mood she will harvest ore for you if you travel to an island with ore. As her happiness increases, she will begin to use the foundry as well. When Astrid is ecstatic she will fish for you.


  • Location: Barkensheim Creek (Coordinates: 5, 117)
  • Favorite Food: Pork Chops
  • Likes: Old Fashioned and Dessert dishes, when the Sawmill is built
  • Dislikes: Acquired Taste, Exotic, and Stimulant dishes, being bullied by Mickey
  • Unlocks: Thunderstorms event where you can get Lightning in a Bottle


At lower moods, Atul will help to repair buildings on the boat. These repairs don’t actually benefit the boat in any way, but they will affect the mood of other spirits. As he gets happier, he will also harvest wood when you visit islands with trees and will make planks at the Sawmill. When ecstatic he will play joyful music, which other spirits enjoy. Atul will also occasionally pick berries for you.

Bruce and Mickey

  • Location: Southpoint Docks (Coordinates: 157, 22)
  • Favorite Food: Garlic Bread
  • Likes: Pub dishes, Atul playing the flute
  • Dislikes: Simple and Crayfish dishes
  • Unlocks: Pulsar Rays Event where you can obtain Pulsar Ore


When in a neutral mood or more, Bruce and Mickey will say mean things to other spirits and upset them. As a result, you should complete their quest chain as quickly as possible and take them to the Everdoor, as they bully other spirits unless they are “unhappy”, which is impossible once you have built their house. When happier, they will help to harvest Pulsar Ore.


  • Location: Hikarishima Lighthouse (Coordinates: -137, -14) (You can only get Buck once you have the bounce ability)
  • Favorite Food: Tomato Pizza
  • Likes: Comfort and Old Fashioned dishes
  • Dislikes: Dairy and Fruit dishes
  • Unlocks: Shadow Steel Orcs where you can obtain XP Potions

Buck will never need to go through the Everdoor.


Buck will harvest mushrooms for you when in a neutral mood or above. As his happiness increases, Buck will begin to gift you snacks and XP Potions.


  • Location: Crow’s End Inc. (Coordinates: -126, -51)
  • Favorite Food: Green Salad
  • Likes: Healthy and Plain dishes
  • Dislikes: Fine Dining, Fried, and Meat dishes

Elena is an exception to all other spirits in that she dislikes being hugged and dislikes her house being improved.


Elena’s only perk is that she will give Stella criticism and feedback. This doesn’t impact anything really.


  • Location: Loneberg (Coordinates: -40, 192)
  • Favorite Food: Beef Fondue
  • Likes: Fine Dining and Stimulant dishes, Atul playing the flute, Gustav playing happy music
  • Dislikes: Carbs and Egg dishes, being bullied by Mickey, Gustav playing sad music
  • Unlocks: Meteor Shower Event where you can obtain Comet Rock


In low moods, Giovanni will simply lie on the sofa all day. As his happiness increases, he will begin to flirt with other passengers, and once happy, he will gift you with jewels.


  • Location: Furogawa (Coordinates -150, 67)
  • Favorite Food: Surstromming
  • Likes: Acquired Taste and Exotic dishes, Atul playing the flute
  • Dislikes: Sweet and Fried dishes, being bullied by Mickey
  • Unlocks: Fireflies event where you can obtain Fireglow Seeds


Gustav will play sad music when he is in a low mood and this can have a negative impact on other spirits. As he gets happier, he will begin to gift you with valuable items and plays happier music. When ecstatic, Gustav will make sushi.


  • Location: Alt Harbor (Coordinates: 43, 40)
  • Favorite Food: Black Coffee
  • Likes: Fine Dining and Comfort dishes, the Loom being built and upgraded, shopping (when visiting an island with Racoon Inc.)
  • Dislikes: Fruit and Shellfish dishes, the morning bell being rung (only at night or too early in the morning), Atul banging as he repairs the boat
  • Unlocks: Jellyfish event where you can obtain Bright Jelly and Glims


When neutral or above, Gwen will shop for fibers when you visit islands with Racoon Inc. stores. As she becomes happier, she will shop for threads too and will use the Loom aboard your ship. When ecstatic, Gwen will harvest fibers as well.


  • Location: Stella’s Ship (She will appear after you have taken a number of characters through the Everdoor)
  • Unlocks: Sailing at night.

Lily was added in a later update. She is not like other spirits and as such she does not have any likes or dislikes in regards to food or events. She does not have a house and she does not have any perks either.


  • Location: Mystery Seed (You can obtain this seed by fishing once you have taken three characters through the Everdoor, afterward you must plant it in order to get Stanley. Alternatively, you can purchase the seed from Francis.)
  • Favorite Food: French Fries
  • Likes: Breakfast and Dessert dishes, Atul playing the flute
  • Dislikes: Eggs, Dairy, Seafood, and Meat dishes, being bullied by Mickey, you selling his pictures
  • Unlocks: Dust Shades event where you can obtain Bottled Ectoplasm


When in a neutral mood, Stanley will gift you with Tchotchke items. As he gets happier, he will gift you with drawings that he has done for you.


  • Location: Hummingberg (Coordinates: 39, 139)
  • Favorite Food: Grain Salad
  • Likes: Dessert and Salad dishes, Atul repair the boat, Atul playing the flute, Alice playing the Harmonica
  • Dislikes: Eggs, Dairy, Seafood, and Meat dishes, Giovanni flirting
  • Unlocks: Dragon events where you can obtain various types of ore, as well as the Plantasia Fantastica song that increases plant growth


When in a neutral mood or above, Summer will play music for the crops you have planted. When happy, she will shop for seeds when visiting islands with a Racoon Inc store.

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