Spring Festival Brings New Outfits, Emotes, And Skilling Stations To RuneScape

The Spring Festival begins today in RuneScape, offering a variety of activities and exclusive rewards for players to unlock. New cosmetic options, skilling stations, and XP boosts are all available until the event ends on April 11.

To get started with the Spring Festival, head to the Guthix Tree just south of the Archaeology Guild.

“It seems that that unusual-looking tree has attracted a special species of Guthixian Butterfly,” Jagex announced. “Catching them adds to a global counter – the more butterflies you and other adventurers catch, the better your rewards.”

Apart from catching butterflies, you’ll also have three skilling stations available for use. Not only do they provide you with a bit of XP, but you’ll also earn Spring Tokens – which can be exchanged for rewards. Here’s the full list of stations available during the Spring Festival:

  • Potion Brewing: Brew up some magic and earn either Herblore or Cooking XP.
  • Icon Carving: Earn XP in either Fletching or Crafting.
  • Stone Celebration: Earn XP for either Agility or Prayer.

Once you’ve collected enough Spring Tokens, head over to Thaerisk’s Surplus Spring Supplies Shop, where you’ll find the following rewards:

  • Crux Equal outfit
  • Butterfly outfit
  • Invoke Spring emote
  • ‘All of a Flutter’ title
  • Various consumables (Lamps, Stars, Mystery boxes, etc)

As is always the case, Ironman accounts won’t be able to purchase the XP-boosting consumables.

If you happen to still be locked out of your account, Jagex will be providing you with Spring Tokens or event items free of charge.

Jagex also mentioned another update might be arriving this week on April 1 – stay tuned for an announcement in the coming days.

RuneScape has put up impressive numbers in the early part of this year, despite lingering issues with its login servers. Jagex continues to work towards a fix for the remaining few still experiencing problems, although it’s good to hear they’ll be compensated for the trouble.

The Spring Festival is now available in RuneScape and runs until April 11.

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