Square Enix Reveals Full Schedule For Final Fantasy 14’s Digital Fan Festival

Final Fantasy 14’s 2021 digital Fan Festival, Around The World, is now less than a month away. Ahead of the MMO’s biggest event, Square Enix has revealed its full list of activities, including the opportunity to get in your own question to the game’s director and producer, Naoki Yoshida.

Back in early February, the Final Fantasy 14 team revealed their plans for the game’s upcoming expansion, Endwalker. Version 6.0 will mark the end of an era, wrapping up the cataclysmic feud between Hydaelyn and Zodiark – which has been the underlying thread to the game’s plot since the days of A Realm Reborn. Endwalker will also bring with it new job roles, raids, Ishgard Housing, beast tribes, zones, and more.

Now, with the new schedule reveal, there’s a little more we can discern about Square Enix’s plans for the big show. Things open up on May 14 with Yoshida’s Keynote Address at 6 pm PDT. The description promises “new information” but if we take a look back at what happens here historically, Final Fantasy 14’s keynote will likely open with an extended version of the Endwalker trailer we say back in February.

After the keynote kicks off, Fan Fest will march on with opening ceremonies and its first panel, ‘How Do You Like Hydaelyn?’ The panel involves the Japanese community team sharing their insight into Final Fantasy 14’s world. A panel on the game’s development will follow, and then the adorably named Welcome to Naoki’s Room segment will follow. That’s a new one on the roster from previous events, but the description promises a good time as Yoshida invites special guests on stage to chat.

The second day will begin with Final Fantasy 14’s usual Letter from the Producer Live, where you can expect more specific details on what’s coming with Endwalker. Then there’s a cosplay contest, live Q&A with fan questions, voice actor panel, trivia, and another live band performance. You can check out the schedule with its full details on Square’s official site.

Final Fantasy 14’s Fan Festival was originally supposed to take place as a series of physical events but was rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will take place on Friday, May 14, and Saturday, May 15.

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