Star Fox 2 Headlines Nintendo Switch Online’s December Games

Nintendo has announced some new additions to its Switch Online game collections for December 2019. Both the NES and SNES will be receiving some games and the standout addition is Star Fox 2. Notorious for being unreleased until 2017 (on the SNES Mini!), this long mysterious sequel will finally be playable to a whole new generation of gamers thanks to the Switch.

Sticking to the SNES side of things, Kirby Super Star is up next. Often regarded as the best game in the series, this cutesy platformer is perfect for quick fixes of platforming goodness. Being separated in various episodes -one of which is a remake of Kirby’s Dreamland-, Super Star is notable for having co-op play. That should make for an irresistible time at your holiday gathering.

If you’re more a single-player kind of gamer, then look no further than Breath of Fire II. Sequel to Capcom’s legendary Breath of Fire series, this full-scale RPG can occupy quite a lot of time. It may not include any of the extra features from its GBA port, but this is still a solid pick for any RPG fan.

Finally, Super Punch-Out!! rounds out the SNES selection. Despite being a great game, this title often gets overlooked because of its lack of Mike Tyson. There’s also something about the graphics that don’t quite capture the same charm of the NES original. Still, the characters introduced in here would go on to feature in the Wii Punch-Out!!, so it’s still got some value for anyone that enjoys Little Mac’s struggle to be champ.

The NES app doesn’t get as much love but will be receiving some lesser-known classics. Crystalis, developed by SNK, hit the system in 1990 and was met with average reception. It’s grown as a cult favorite over the years, but you can actually already play this in the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. It’s more here for anyone that hasn’t already grabbed that.

Last but not least, Journey to Silius will bring its quirky charm to the NES app. Originally meant to be a licensed Terminator game, Silius has become a favorite among YouTubers for its sci-fi theme and amazing music. It’s certainly worth a look.

All of these games will be coming to the Switch Online service on December 12, 2019. As with the other titles, they will be free to anyone that is a paying subscriber. Switch Online goes for $19.99 a year with monthly plans going for less.

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