Star Wars Jedi Fans Are Making Fun Of Cal’s "Goofy" Running Animation

Star Wars Jedi fans are making fun of Cal's "goofy" new walking animation in the latest Jedi: Survivor gameplay footage, with some even suggesting that he looks like he has a "dump in his pants".

Yesterday, IGN debuted the first gameplay footage of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, showing Cal Kestis exploring a new planet, Koboh. Although it probably wanted fans to focus on the new double lightsaber stance, force powers, and Cal's sexy new voice, the community was instead quick to point out something that looks a little off – Cal's walking animations.

As highlighted by YouTuber EcksClips, as great as the Jedi: Survivor footage looks so far, there are a few instances where Cal's animations don't look as smooth as they could. It's particularly noticeable whenever Cal moves from a walk to a run and when he's shown running uphill early on in the gameplay clip.

Over on the Jedi: Fallen Order subreddit, Redditor drew4511 put together a short comparison video showing off the new running animation compared to the old one and asking people whether they thought it looked "silly". Most of the comments agree that there's something a little off about the animations right now.

One theory suggests that it's because the camera is a little less centred than it was in the original, while another thinks that it's because Cal is a little bit beefier this time around. Some fans have been quick to point out that his run was a little goofy in the original game as well, although the two factors above seem to be making it look even funnier this time around. One Redditor had my favourite answer, though, "It looks like he has a dump in his pants ngl".

Cal's new running animation might be the most obvious example of the movements looking a little off, but it's not the only one. A few other moments that end up looking a bit weird in the footage include Cal splatting himself on walls while wall jumping and some of the attack animations for the dual lightsabers.

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