Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Listed With March 2023 Release Date On PlayStation Database

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been listed with a March release date on PlayStation Database.

A sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been rumoured for a very long time, with most of the rumours also saying that it was planned for a late 2022 release. When it was officially revealed a few months ago, EA confirmed that it was planned for 2023, later than it was originally rumoured to be, which caused leakers to speculate that it'll be released at the start of the year.

A recent update to the game's store page on the PlayStation database might have just backed up that rumour. Twitter account PlayStationSize, who is known for tweeting about information and data found within the PlayStation database, shared that the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor page on the PlayStation website had been updated to include a release window of March 2023.

Clicking on the link that PlayStationSize shared leads to a wishlist page for Jedi: Survivor. The release date listed there says "to be determined", implying that it's been changed after the March release window was reported, or that the release date is hidden somewhere within the page's code. Either way, PlayStationSize reports that it's listed with a March 2023 release date.

PlayStationSize has been correct about the size of several different games, as well as release windows, and even whole titles that hadn't been revealed yet, so it's likely that the information that they've reported about Jedi: Survivor is correct. This listing would also line up with the rumours suggesting that it was going to be an early 2023 release after previously being planned for late 2022.

Interestingly, a Steam page for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was also recently created this week, with a release date listing saying that it's "coming soon". Both the creation of a Steam page for the game and the internal listing of a March release date seems to imply that Jedi: Survivor is ramping up its marketing and that we'll start seeing more of it soon before its likely release early next year.

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