Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Mission Objective Confirms Greez Is Alive

A blurred mission objective in IGN's footage for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor confirms that Greez is alive and that Cal has come to the planet Koboh to look for him.

Ever since Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was revealed, fans of the first game have been wondering where two of their favourite characters are – Greez and Merrin. The first full trailer for the game made a point of showing that Cal was travelling alone in the Mantis, which seemed strange considering how attached Greez was to his ship.

This, combined with the fact that the trailers were clearly trying to hide Merrin and Greez's whereabouts, made some fans worry that either of them had died in the years between Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor. Thankfully, as pointed out by Redditor Aikon505, a mission objective that's been blurred out in IGN's gameplay footage of Koboh confirms that Greez is alive and that Cal is trying to find him.

Last week, IGN shared a gameplay video that showed Cal adventuring on the planet Koboh after "crash-landing" there. That made his appearance on the planet seem random, a mission objective that pops up when he uses BD-1 to scan the environment seems to suggest that he's actually there for a reason.

Although IGN tried to blur out the objective to keep any spoilers from getting out, Aikon505's post shows that, at one point in the video, the blur effect doesn't quite work as intended and the objective can be quite clearly seen. Greez fans will be very happy to hear that it says, "Find Greez", confirming that he's alive and well, and that Cal is actively looking for him.

As for what Greez is doing on the planet Koboh, it's not quite clear yet. It's already pretty strange that Greez has seemingly given control of the Mantis over to Cal, and we currently don't know enough about the planet right now to be able to guess. Still, at least we know our salt-loving captain is okay.

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