Stardew Valley: 7 Most Underrated Characters In The Game

Stardew Valley is a well-loved game in the gamer community because of its expansive world building. There's always something to do between its combat, main storyline, and its expansive cast of characters. With so many to choose from, it's going to take you a while to get to know to all of them.

Everyone who plays Stardew Valley probably has a favorite marriage candidate. Some choices such as Abigail, Sebastian, or Shane remain popular among the fans. If you want to have the most enriching gameplay, you should talk to more villagers to learn their unique stories and expand your knowledge on Pelican Town and the entire valley. Here are some villagers we think Stardew Valley fans should talk to more.

7 Elliott: The Mysterious Writer

Elliott is a single bachelor in Stardew Valley, but he still is not as popular as the likes of Shane or Sebastian. As a mysterious writer living in a secluded beachside cabin, it will feel very rewarding to finally earn his friendship.

Even if you choose not to go on the romance route, Elliot's friendship is worth pursuing. He's a starving artist that loves his work but struggles with finishing such long, complicated novels. Elliott eventually will dedicate his life's work to you when he reveals his completed novel. That's when you'll realize he's a true friend that puts passion into all his relationships.

6 Evelyn: The Sweet Grandmother

Evelyn is Pelican Town's sweet old grandma. It's a surprise that she's married to the incredibly grumpy villager, George, but maybe her sweetness can bring out some good in him.

If you befriend Evelyn, she will go on about how much she loves baking and tending to the flowers in Stardew Valley: just like any stereotypical grandma. Listening to Evelyn talk is already a wholesome reward in itself, but she will give you gifts too. Evelyn will gift you bread, chocolate cake, or cookies that she baked herself with love. Most Stardew Valley players want to collect every cooking recipe, and Evelyn will gift you the rice pudding recipe as a thank you for your friendship.

5 Maru: The Genius

Maru is a standout amongst the humble villagers in Stardew Valley. She's an extremely intelligent and talented scientist. Maru is often busy in her laboratory in her research and assisting her dad, so some players overlook her. Once you get to know her, you'll realize how easy she is to talk to.

Maru's story as the gifted child in her family who feels pressure to always be perfect is extremely relatable to a lot of people. This is why she appreciates the company of her friends to take her mind off her anxieties. If you choose to take your friendship to the next level and marry Maru, she'll even gift you with rare and useful items like refined quartz or quality fertilizer that she crafts in her workshop.

4 Willy: The Humble Fisherman

Many Stardew Valley players agree that the fishing mechanic in the game is frustrating and difficult to master but mastering fishing skills would make Willy proud as a fisherman, and that motivation should be enough to make you keep trying it.

Willy is a kind fisherman that lives a simple life mostly by the docks at the ocean. He tells you that his prices at his shop are as low as he can afford, so you know he’s a trustworthy and honest man. You also learn that he grew up sailing from island to island before settling in Pelican Town. Willy takes you under his wing when you move because he's excited to see someone new finally moved to Stardew Valley. He also rewards you for being his friend with recipes.

3 The Wizard: A Magical Stranger

Most of the villagers in Stardew Valley hardly acknowledge The Wizard, and those that do admit he's a local mystery. You have to discover he has an actual name, M. Rasmodius, for yourself. If you love magic and fantasy themes in your games, M. Rasmodius should quickly become your friend.

M. Rasmodius is connected both to the magical, strange phenomenons that occur throughout your time in Stardew Valley and to the villagers. There is a theory that Abigail is actually the daughter of M. Rasmodius and not Pierre. This would make perfect sense considering she's one of the few villagers that has a fascination with the Wizard and his magical tower.

2 Krobus: The Friendly Monster

Stardew Valley combines a farming simulator with a world full of magic and monsters to create a unique game. If you love the fantasy elements of Stardew Valley, you should befriend Krobus. As the only friendly monster in the game, Krobus offers some interesting perspectives on life in Pelican Town.

Krobus admits that the monsters in the caves are afraid of humans. He will be shy and reserved at first, but enough gifts and time will change that. Oddly enough, you can even "marry" Krobus to finally bring him out of the sewers and into your farmhouse. However, the relationship is platonic between Krobus and your farmer. Krobus will admit that your relationship must be kept secret from the other monsters. You can tell he really values your friendship if he is willing to be seen as an outcast in monster society to live with you.

1 Linus: The Kind Loner

Linus is the most misunderstood character in Stardew Valley. He lives in the woods in a tent, and enjoys a secluded life. When you first talk to him, he will be reserved and appear rude at times. You’ll come to learn that he’s afraid of new people because of how unkind many have been to him.

After building a friendship with Linus, he will be one of the most loyal friends you’ll meet. He'll thank you for being supportive of him and will be incredibly grateful if you gift him a birthday present. His regular daily dialogue is insightful and appreciative of the natural beauty around Stardew Valley.

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