Stardew Valley: Everything You Need To Know About The Qi Challenges

For those who are looking to access Stardew Valley’s true end game content, Qi’s Walnut Room is essential. The room is the only way to turn on end game monsters, get some of the most powerful items in the game, and will likely be the last step players take towards completing all tasks in the game. Qi’s Room isn’t for the faint of heart though, and being able to use it will take quite a lot of work. In fact, some players may never even be able to access it.

For those determined to do everything in the game, this guide below can help you find and get a grasp on the room’s elusive challenges.

Where Is Qi’s Walnut Room?

Qi’s Room is located on Ginger Island, just like the rest of 1.5’s content, and can be accessed by Willy’s boat. Once there, the room can be found on the western part of the island. It can be identified as a strange purple door on the side of a cliff that stands out.

To open it, though, the player will need to put in tons of in-game hours and complete nearly everything on Ginger Island.

How Do I Access It?

The room won’t be open until the player has collected at least one-hundred golden walnuts. This is a pretty hefty number as there are only thirty golden walnuts in the game, meaning the player will need to do the majority of the Ginger Island content before opening the room.

The best way to find all the golden walnuts is by using guides and exploring everywhere.

What Are Qi Gems?

The whole reason the player will want in the room, aside from unlocking tougher monsters, is to buy items from the exclusive store. To buy these items, though, players will need a special currency called QI Gems. These gems aren’t available until the room is unlocked and come from Qi Challenges.

Qi challenges are meant to truly test the player as they are anything but easy to complete.

How Many Qi Challenges Are There?

There are only ten Qi Challenges, and they all give different amounts of gems depending on the difficulty of the task. The smallest amount of gems given out for a task is ten, while the highest amount of gems given out is 100. To buy all the special store items, all these tasks will need to be completed.

In addition, these quests are set-up similar to Pelican Towns’ new special request board.

Are They Timed?

Just like the special requests back in town, the Qi challenges have a time limit that will start once the player accepts them. The time limit for the task ranges from three days to a whole in-game month and scales based on the difficulty or grind level of the task.

Every task is doable within the time limit, but many players should be prepared for a struggle and multiple attempts at some of the harder tasks.

How Hard Are The Challenges?

The challenges do vary in difficulty, with the easiest being tedious and the hardest being a true challenge for even the most veteran players. Depending on the strategy the player uses to complete the tasks, though, they can get easier or harder.

Players who want to experience true end game challenges won’t want to use special tools to move down the mine quickly or use items they already have.

What Is The Easiest Challenge?

The easiest challenge will greatly depend on the individual player’s set-up. One of the challenges will require a player to collect four prismatic shards, which, while not too hard, can be tedious as the player must rely on RNG. Another simply needs the player to cook and send 100,000 gold worth of meals in fourteen days.

Another easier task requires the player to grow and ship 500 pieces of Qi fruit, which happen to only be worth a single gold each.

What Is The Hardest Challenge?

This will depend on the player also, but there are two challenges that many players will consider hardest. The first being scoring 50,000 points in Jumino Cart’s endless run mode and the second being reaching floor 100 of Skull Cavern within one week, the dungeon will also have buffed enemies.

While most quests can somewhat be completed with advanced planning, those two, along with reaching the bottom floor of a buffed mine, can not.

Are The Shop Items Worth The Trouble?

Yes, the items in the Qi shop are truly what players would expect to see at the end of the game. There is a key that allows players to go into any house or room regardless of the day and time. A horse flute that allows you to summon your mount and even a Jumino Chest set that can link inventories.

The items are pretty much the best players can get in the game, and many are worth the trouble.

Can You Just Use Golden Walnuts?

It is possible to exchange golden walnuts for Qi gems, but at a rate of two gems per walnut, players won’t have nearly enough left to buy every item. The only true way to ensure getting everything in the shop is by completing the quests to earn all the available gems.

As mentioned above, this will take several hours and can be a long, frustrating process depending on the player’s current inventory.

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