Steam Deck Player Took Console Paramotoring, But It Was Too Cold To Play

The Steam Deck has made PC gaming more portable than ever, so naturally someone decided to go all the way up in the sky paramotoring (which is essentially flying with a powered paraglider).

"You can literally take this thing anywhere," they captioned the Reddit post, showing the Deck in their hand while they sat far above now-miniscule-looking neighbourhoods and fields. However, they have to wear huge padded gloves for the cold, so using the Deck isn't exactly practical, meaning that while they can take it anywhere, they can't play it anywhere (thanks, PCGamesN).

Granted, in hotter weather, maybe they can paramotor around while playing some Elden Ring – that might just top the two games at once – one with a dance pad – run that MissMikkaa pulled off. Or they could try to beat the Any% Unrestricted speedrun record, which is currently three minutes and 56 seconds. Getting through the game while sky high might be possible. It's probably not worth the risk, though.

Dropping the Deck is an anxiety nightmare, especially from that height. It does have a screen protector, but there's only so much that can do. Even if it doesn't crack, hitting the pavement would probably do some damage. Probably. However, one commenter suggested that original poster Bythion put a parachute on the Deck just in case it falls. How it would pull the chute is another matter entirely.

The photo was taken 2,500ft off the ground, around the equivalent of 263 Lady Dimitrescus standing on top of each other. But you can rest any anxiety because OP shared another photo of them in the sky with a hand-strap attached, this time actually playing the Deck – it does look a lot warmer in this second picture.

They plan to do the same around Spring so they can go "even higher" and "glide for a bit" while playing a round of Hades. With the cold winds helping keep the Deck's temperature down, maybe it'll run better.

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