Steam friends network unreachable: Steam down and 502 bad gateway server issues

Steam down reports have seen a spike today, with Steam friends network unreachable and 502 bad gateway issues being reported.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector has received a surge of Steam down reports today.

Down Detector has registered hundreds of Steam down reports, with login problems and online gaming issues reported.

The Down Detector outage map also says that the Steam down issues are mainly affecting users in the UK, Europe and some parts of the US.

Steam users also took to social network site Twitter, with fans of the Valve service reporting problems with the Steam friends network.

One fan tweeted: “Cannot connect to #steam friend list, nor start the game”.

Another posted: “Hey @steam_games, you’re most likely already aware of this, but Steam Friends is down. You have an ETA for a fix?”

One added: “Steam friends network is down, this is not an epic gamer moment”.

And another wrote: “@Steam_Support Friends Network Unreachable? is this a global down?”

More to follow…

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