Steam Gets Increased Controller Support For Xbox Series And Elite Controllers

The latest Steam update has added more features for Xbox Elite and Xbox Series X controllers, allowing players more options for binding buttons.

The launch of the PS5/Xbox Series console generation brought new controllers with it, and it didn’t take Steam long to prepare for them. Steam quickly received DualSense support, even if it wasn’t able to use features like haptic feedback at launch. PC gamers have used Xbox controllers for years, thanks to Microsoft making them as easy to use with Windows as possible, so it didn’t take long for the Series X/S controller to work with Steam.

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A new update for Steam has expanded the controller options. According to an update on the Steam community page, a number of options have been added for Xbox Elite controllers and the Xbox Series X/S controllers. These include the ability to connect more than four controllers to Steam, the ability to bind buttons to the paddles on the Elite controller, and the ability to bind buttons to the Share button on the Series X/S controller. The trigger rumble feature of the controllers is now supported on Steam.

The DualSense controller also received a QoL improvement on Steam. It’s now possible to customize and disable the controller’s LED, in case its light is bothering you. Steam still lacks support for the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback of the DualSense controller, but Valve has promised that they will be added in a future update.

The ability to bind new controls to the Elite paddles is a great feature, even if they do take a lot of getting used to. As it stands, the Xbox Series X/S controller isn’t that much of a jump in quality compared to the Xbox One controller, and the Share button was already a standard on other systems. The Xbox Series X/S controller is still a fantastic piece of kit, and the new features it has on Steam will make it a better fit for PC gaming than it was before.

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