Stray Gets Rated In Korea, Launch Date May Be Forthcoming

Stray just received a rating in Korea for ages 12 and up. This could very signal an imminent release date for the hotly anticipated adventure game where you play as a stray cat lost in a sci-fi metropolis.

The Korean rating board (via Gematsu) gave Stray a 12-year-old rating mile drug references and mild violence, noting that there are bottles of alcohol present in some levels and battles against “non-humanoid creatures.” You can see both of those in the extended gameplay trailer that was released last summer.

Stray was originally set to arrive in late 2021 but was delayed to “early 2022” last year. The game has you control a stray cat lost in a world populated by robots. As revealed in the trailer, the opening segments of the game feature the cat healing after an injury before finding B12, a small drone that translates the robotic language of the city’s residents, interacts with high-tech gadgets that would normally require thumbs, and stores items for the cat to use later.

As a cat, Stray will provide the player with an impressive leap and the ability to scale objects far better than most humanoid protagonists. You’ll also purr, rub against friendly robots, and scratch their sofas.

Stray is one of the most hotly anticipated games coming to PlayStation, with publisher Annapurna Interactive assuring fans that it’ll still arrive this year, although it didn’t commit to the “early” descriptor. Still, with this recent rating in Korea, Stray seems far closer to a release date now than it ever has before.

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