Stray Pips The Day Before As Most Wishlisted Game On Steam

The Day Before was enjoying its stint as the most wishlisted game on Steam, but things seem to be taking a downward turn for it all of a sudden. Last week it was revealed that the game was being made by volunteers who weren't getting paid, and now, it appears that the open-world survival MMO has lost its top spot as well.

Whether it's due to this reason, or due to the fact that it's a game where you play as a cat in a cyberpunk setting, but Stray has now taken the mantle of the most wishlisted game on Steam (thanks, PCGamesN). Stray is a stealth-adventure game where you play as a cat in a dystopian future setting. We don't quite know what you'll be doing as the cat, but it's evident that the local robot-denizens are afraid of you.

Meanwhile, The Day Before looks to be a third-person action-survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The trailer made it look like if The Last of Us was an MMO. The visuals looked pretty good in the trailer, but it seems developer, Fntastic wants it to look and play even better, and has made the decision to delay the game to next year in order to switch to Unreal Engine 5.

However, you'll get to check out Stray in just a couple of weeks, as it's set to launch on July 19. If you've subscribed to the highest tier of the revamped Playstation Plus service – that's Deluxe or Premium depending on what region you're in – you'll get access to the game at no added cost at launch.

In her preview of Stray, our Editor-in-Chief Stacey Henley said, "All things considered, it’s difficult to say how much Stray will grab me. I don’t expect in-depth stories from my platformers, so the fact that so much onus seems to be placed on it could make for a surprisingly soulful story, much like Brothers, or could mean the simplicity is derailed again and again. I know as much as I knew going in – Stray is going to be a great game for people who want to play as a cat. That’s probably enough."

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