Street Fighter confirmed for Fortnite in very blatant leak

The latest Fortnite leak suggests that Street Fighter is coming to the game next, which really doesn’t seem to fit with the hunter theme.

Every other week, it feels like Fortnite is becoming more and more like Ready Player One with how many crossover characters are now playable in the game.

From Batman to Iron Man, from Kratos to Master Chief, Epic Games has managed to land some major pop culture icons and now it looks like it’s bagged characters from the Street Fighter series next.

Throughout the current season, portals have been appearing and have always heralded another crossover. You can get a glimpse of what’s through the portal and they are also accompanied by some faint audio, both of which tease what the crossover is.

Thanks to prominent Fortnite leaker and dataminer ShiinaBR, clearer images and audio from the portal can be viewed on Twitter and they are undeniably Street Fighter related.

The images depict what is most likely the Suzaku Castle stage, which first appeared in Street Fighter 2 and is considered one of, if not the most iconic stage in the series. It was even picked to represent the series in the Super Smash Bros. games.

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