Studio Ghibli Teases Collaboration With Lucasfilm

Popular Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli is hinting at a new collaboration with the folks over at Lucasfilm. That’s right, it looks like Star Wars or Indiana Jones might be getting more animated in the future. We could also be getting something entirely new.

Over on Twitter, the official Studio Ghibli account tweeted out a rather cryptic video. The 15-second clip begins with the iconic Lucasfilm logo slowly flashing across the screen. It is quickly followed by the recognizable blue Studio Ghibli logo. Then it fades to black, and we are all left scratching our heads as to what this could mean.

With literally nothing but the teaser to go on, it is hard to tell what kind of project Studio Ghibli and Lucasfilm are working on. In fact, we don’t even know if it is a visual/film project at all. We may all be surprised when the two release that limited edition Indiana Jones calendar.

Still, the lack of information has not stopped the Internet from speculating wildly about what this could mean. The most likely candidate so far is the obvious Star Wars film or series in the signature art style employed by Studio Ghibli. Personally, this makes the most sense, especially considering Lucasfilm’s focus on animation set in that universe.

Many believe it could have something to do with the upcoming second season of Star Wars: Visions. The Disney Plus series saw the world of Star Wars reimagined by popular anime studios like Studio Colorido, Trigger, and Kamikaze Douga. Each studio was able to play around in the world of Star Wars through original stories. They were also able to show off how the world of Darth Vader would look in their art style.

A second season of Visions is coming Spring of 2023, but no information has been revealed. This could be the perfect fit for a collab between Studio Ghibli and Lucasfilm.

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