Suicide Squad Devs Clarify Battle Pass System Following Leaks

There are a lot of big games launching this year and a handful of them already have release dates attached. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is one of those games, currently slated to arrive this May, but leaked images from the next big title from DC showing off what appears to be a battle pass may have put some people off picking up Rocksteady's next game.

Don't cross Kill The Justice League off your most-anticipated of 2023 list just yet. Not because the images originated on 4chan (yes, despite that they do appear to be legitimate), but because the team behind the game has reached out to VGC to explain what exactly is going on. While the image does indeed show a battle pass, apparently it will be exclusively linked to cosmetic items.

Perhaps the most worrying part of the image is what appears to be six different currencies near the top of the screen. Rocksteady has attempted to ease any potential worries on that front too. Apparently, at least four of those currencies are unique to each character. Points that can be earned to unlock abilities in each character's unique skill tree.

“You don’t start off debuffed and weak. You just start off great and can get ridiculous, like Arkham Knight’s Batman,” a dev working on Suicide Squad told VGC. If anyone knows whether a DC game is going to be like the critically acclaimed Arkham series, it's the studio that made them. Kill The Justice League apparently takes place in the same universe which begs the question (spoiler alert), how is Batman still alive?

The same trailer revealing the new release date for the upcoming Suicide Squad game also confirmed Kevin Conroy will voice The Dark Knight. Probably the last new project Conroy will ever be a part of after he passed away last year. As for the game's live service elements, they appear to be nothing to worry about on the surface, but that likely won't stop people considering picking up the game questioning why they are needed at all.

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