Super Mario 3D-All Stars does improve textures in Super Mario 64

Nintendo never mentioned it during the reveal, but the Nintendo Switch version of Super Mario 64 features some noticeable graphical improvements.

After all the waiting it’s hard not to be at least a little disappointed by the Super Mario 3D-All Stars collection, which brings together remasters of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy.

During the brief unveil, Nintendo mentioned that the games would run at a higher resolution than they did originally and with ‘optimised’ features for the Switch – with the only example given being using Joy-Con motion controls in Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario Sunshine will run in widescreen for the first time but for some reason Super Mario 64 will not, which really does seem a bit of a minimum effort – or perhaps not when it comes to the textures.

Fans have been going over the footage with a fine-tooth comb and YouTube channel GameXplain has managed to capture footage on the original N64 version that almost exactly mirrors the remaster.

When run side by side you can see that in some cases the textures have been improved in quality, most obviously the picture of a Boo on the side of a wall.

It’s likely the remasters use the source textures that were originally created for the game and not the versions that had to be scaled down for the N64.

You can also see that, for example, the backdrop in the Bowser boss battle is a lot sharper on the Switch, although in other situations, such as shimming round the corner on Whomp’s Fortress, there doesn’t seem to be any major change at all.

The differences are going to be subtle then, but at the very least it proves this won’t be just a straight port with only higher resolutions.

Although it’s interesting that the sequence with the Boo picture shows an infamous graphical glitch in the game, revolving around how the smoke looks, which Nintendo has apparently chosen not to fix.

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