Super Nintendo World Has A Locked Door Hinting At Donkey Kong Expansion

A mysterious door discovered in Super Nintendo World appears to confirm that it will one day get a Donkey Kong expansion.

Super Nintendo World will finally open its doors to the public at the end of this week following a series of delays. However, a lucky few have already experienced everything it has to offer. VGC was part of a technical rehearsal during which it discovered a mysterious door located on the north side of the park. As you can see in the image below, it is clearly based on a non-Mario Nintendo IP.

The IP it appears to have been inspired by is Donkey Kong. The assumption is that Nintendo and Universal have plans to expand the park, and the door will one day lead to a Donkey Kong area of the park. Apparently, the park’s app occasionally refers to Super Nintendo World as Super Mario Land, suggesting that the park will one day be made up of different “lands” inspired by various Nintendo characters.

This isn’t the first time something has suggested Super Nintendo World will be getting a DK expansion. The tweet below includes images that were discovered via a datamine of the park’s app back in December 2020. The images resemble the Mario stamps park-goers are tasked with collecting as they take in everything Super Nintendo World has to offer.

As well as collecting stamps, those who attend the park can also take a spin on the Mario Kart VR ride, and eat Nintendo-inspired food like Koopa Troopa calzones. While the park was supposed to open prior to last year’s postponed Tokyo Olympics, the pandemic forced its grand opening to be pushed back time and time again. Even when it finally opens this Thursday, there will be strict health and safety guidelines in place, including a maximum park occupancy.

While Osaka, Japan is the first Universal park to receive its own Super Nintendo World, it won’t be the last. Parks in Hollywood, Florida, and Singapore will also get their own versions. Those of you in the US might have a while to wait, though. The Florida park’s opening was recently pushed back to 2025.

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