Surprise! A New Smash DLC Fighter Will Be Announced Tomorrow

You gotta love how Smash Bros. Ultimate seems to get new fighters without any warning. Whereas Mortal Kombat will tease a new DLC character for months, Nintendo hands out 24-hours notice before BAM, there’s a new fighter on the roster.

Nintendo just tweeted out earlier this morning that the seventh DLC fighter from Fighters Pass Volume 2 is about to be announced. Tomorrow morning at 10 AM EST (7 AM PST), Nintendo will host a short 3-minute presentation that reveals the new challenger, and will then follow that up with a brief message from game director Masahiro Sakurai.

You can watch the presentation on YouTube via the link here.

Now that we have the official stuff out of the way, time for the fun bit: wild speculation on who this new fighter could be.

The smart money is resting on Dante from Devil May Cry. Rumors from last August pointed to Dante after Capcom released the first three Devil May Cry games on the Switch. Meanwhile, a Twitter post from former Devil May Cry director Hideki Kamiya calling for Dante’s inclusion in Smash Bros. Ultimate was mysteriously deleted after two years.

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Of course, it would be a little late to hype the Devil May Cry ports with a Dante Smash fighter, but better late than never.

A rumor from earlier this summer pointed at Geno from Super Mario RPG, but that turned out to just be a Mii costume. Fans are calling for Rayman and Waluigi, especially given how many memes of Waluigi being passed up for Smash exist out there, but so far no luck for either character.

One rumor that’s getting new life is Tracer from Overwatch. Back in August, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan was asked during a Reddit AMA which character they’d want to see in Smash Ultimate, and he threw out Tracer’s name without hesitation. And just recently, a reported leak on GameFaqs says that Tracer will be the seventh DLC fighter and come equipped with all the moves you’ll recognize from Overwatch, including her Pulse Bomb Ultimate.

We’ll find out tomorrow morning at 10 AM EST.

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