System Shock Remake Showcases Cyberspace

Nightdive Studios has unveiled the first look of its version of cyberspace in the upcoming System Shock Remake.

The preview showcases a POV action shot of the player flying through a tiled space fending off virus-like enemies as they traverse deeper into the ever-changing and colorful world. It leaves fans questioning the end goal of this sequence and starving for more System Shock.

Anticipation for Nightdive’s System Shock Remake is at an all-time high, given the game’s release is slated for 2020 and only three months remain until the end of the year. This most recent video is evidence enough in the ways the game will be a direct link from the past while also still perfecting the 1994 original with its own mixed bag of new and upgraded content. As such, several roadblocks and impediments have ensured the remake an extremely slow buildup, what with some devs leaving the studio over veering art and design choices. Yet, development is still barrelling along, not unlike the player in this very cyberspace showcase.

The team also released another video on their YouTube channel spotlighting the ways in which dismemberment will be utilized in the game, aptly titled The Art of Gore. Lead FX artist, Benjamin Swinbanks, divulges upon the many ways gore itself will be made to uplift playthroughs, coalescing the past with the present through both art and gameplay. The in-game dismemberment system, in addition to the cyberspace preview, drive home the vast importance of the original game, providing just enough of an inside look to hype up these newfound features while also proving how much its predecessor means to the studio and the finished experience.

It’s pretty clear, given these most recent highlights, just how much Nightdive Studios is pouring into the System Shock Remake, which will be anything but “simple.” Fans can test it out right now via the free demo available on Steam. While still no word on an official release date may leave some fans more than a little concerned, the videos are case in point how much Nightdive is attempting to achieve while also showcasing just how difficult it is to reengineer this retro experience for modern setups.

With the remake’s release drawing ever-closer and even a third title in the making under Tencent, it’s as good a time as any to be a System Shock fan.

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