Take A Look At New PS1 Visual Options On PS5

Although most of the world will have to wait until next month for PlayStation's revamped PS Plus service, the rollout begins in Asia this week. In fact, certain changes already appear to have been implemented. Last week it was reported that some of the PS1 and PSP games that will be available through PS Plus Premium will also be available to buy separately. Some of those games have already started to appear on the PS Store in Asian territories, allowing for details and key differences when compared to the originals to be highlighted.

One of the first games to have popped up on the store is Oddworld: Abe's Odysee. The very first time the world was introduced to Abe, a series that is still going strong 25 years later. As you can see in a video courtesy of MP1st, the PS4/PS5 port of Abe's Odysee comes with quite a few visual options. You can play the game exactly how you remember it on PS1, or you can change the aspect ratio and apply filters to change, and ultimately attempt to improve its appearance.

These are very early days for Abe's Odysee and any other games ported to Premium on day one, so there will be issues that need to be ironed out. For example, as highlighted by VGC, messing with the new visual settings too much and changing them a lot in a short space of time may cause the game to crash. In fairness, once you've settled on the look you like, that isn't something that should really have a detrimental effect on your enjoyment of the games.

Visual options aren't the only ways classic games have been improved upon before being resurrected for Premium. Also showcased in the video above are the new save and rewind features. You will no longer have to reach certain points in classic games, like the end of a level, in order to save your game. Save wherever you like so you can come back to it later. The rewind feature almost looks like it was inspired by Netflix. If you miss something or make a mistake, you can fire up the feature and click back through the frames until you find the one you want to return to.

As well as the visual options and new features, how much classic games will cost when bought individually has become clearer. None of the small handful revealed so far costs more than $10, with the PSP's Ridge Racer 2 costing just $4.56. More details about the new PS Plus will filter through throughout the week as the service continues to be rolled out in Asia.

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