Team Rocket Get New Motto In Japanese Pokémon Anime And It’s On Fire

There are many beloved characters from the treasured Pokémon anime that first debuted in the 90s. Two of the most venerated are the members of Team Rocket: Jessie, James, and Meowth. Each appearance of the trio was accompanied by a motto that sort of became their calling card.

Despite being sort of a running gag, the motto was funny and extremely quotable. Now, though, it looks like the trio is ready to change things up. In the latest edition of the Pocket Monsters anime (the Japanese name for Pokémon), Team Rocket is signing off with an entirely original motto. According to multiple Twitter users, it’s absolutely on fire.

Praise from Twitter user Tanooks can be seen in their tweet below.

While this clip is in Japanese, it does contain English subtitles. What’s not certain is if this is a case of Engrish, i.e. poorly translated text. As you can read, the new motto includes lines such as “Like a white hole, a white tomorrow awaits us!” and “We’re the lovely, charming villains.” I guess all of that wishing for uniting people from devastation got tiresome.

According to Twitter user TomGeraci, the motto is very similar to Team Rocket’s original motto, however.

Still, the new lines of their motto are somehow befitting of Team Rocket, a goofy villainous duo deadset on impeding certain Pokémon trainers’ progress -and otherwise trying to act like diabolical villains-. Being that this clip is a Japanese-to-English translation, there’s a chance that the localized version for an inevitable dub will be completely different. Until that happens, their epic poetry can still be enjoyed by everyone.

As far as other Pokémon-related things go, Pokémon Sword & Shield was released recently to mostly good reviews, garnering an 80 on Metacritic. In our review, we said that the game was charming but had failed to evolve the series in any meaningful way. Perhaps future Pokémon games will take this into account but Pokémon Sword & Shield will remain in the Switches of many Nintendo fans still seeking a very fresh Pokémon experience.

As for Team Rocket, we can only hope that their silly antics continue for as long as the Pokémon anime series stays alive. They’re one of the best running gags in the show and might even be one of the best elements altogether.

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