Tell Me Why – How To Open Mary-Ann’s Box

The mysteries presented in Tell Me Why extend beyond the narrative and intertwine with the game’s numerous puzzles. There are plenty of puzzles you must solve in order to progress the story forward, as well as uncover more information about other characters. Mary-Ann’s box is just one example of this, but the answers hidden within aren’t so easy to discover. Here’s how to open Mary-Ann’s box in Tell Me Why.

How To Open Mary-Ann’s Box

Tell Me Why is a narrative-focused game, and even a guide on solving a puzzle will require some form of spoilers. While we won’t give away anything too vital, some details will have to be mentioned in the process.

Enter The Attic

Once you come to the point in Chapter 3 where you need to enter the attic, you first need to make a stop in the garage. Examine the picture your sister just gave you to open up the option to examine the walls. Move some boards near the front door to uncover the switch to the attic and open it up. Grab a ladder from the utility room and use it to climb up.

This is where you will find Mary-Ann’s box, but opening it will require you to solve three puzzles first.

Differences Puzzle

This puzzle is the one directly behind the box on the main wall. You will need to spot several differences between the painting on the wall and the version of the same image in your book. These differences are:

  1. The Title
  2. The lowest tree
  3. The monster’s left hand
  4. The Princess in the tree
  5. And the castle

Sliding Puzzle

The second puzzle asks you to put the order of events in your mother’s past in the correct sequence. The proper order will be:

  1. The bird she kept as a pet
  2. The ballerina representing her time as a dancer
  3. The door representing engineering
  4. The painter who was her ex-boyfriend

Path Puzzle

The final puzzle here is to chart all the major moments of Mary-Ann’s life in sequence by selecting the right icons.

  1. Start with the castle
  2. Up to the fruits, flower, and leaves
  3. Down to the clock
  4. Right to the house
  5. End in the center

All the letters found by solving the individual puzzles will spell out the code LEO that will unlock the box and reveal the contents inside.

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