Terminator getting new open world survival game – but not any time soon

With any luck, our own machine uprising won’t happen before Terminator’s first open world survival game releases for consoles and PC.

Nacon’s not-E3 presentation opened with a trailer for its new RoboCop game, and it ended with a teaser for another 80s action franchise involving futuristic machines: Terminator.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t feature any gameplay and is only 24 seconds long. However, Nacon did at least confirm that this project will be the franchise’s first survival game.

From the sound of things, the game is years away from coming out, since the trailer doesn’t share any other details, like exact release platforms (only saying it’s for consoles and PC) or a release window. It doesn’t even have an actual name.

It is already set to be a different beast compared to the last Terminator game Nacon released, Terminator: Resistance, which was a traditional first person shooter with some role-playing elements.

Resistance was a peculiar game in that while mechanically it wasn’t very good the story was surprisingly compelling, and certainly better than any of the recent movies. Developer Tayon isn’t making the new Terminator game though and is instead working on the aforementioned RoboCop title.

Nacon Studio Milan is handling the new Terminator game and its website has shared a couple extra details about what you can expect.

For starters, it will be set in a post-apocalyptic open world and, much like Terminator: Resistance, won’t be directly based on any of the movies.

Set after Judgment Day but before the formation of John Connor’s resistance, you’ll play as a group of survivors fighting to keep themselves alive in the wake of the machine uprising.

From that description, it’s possible that the game will feature a multiplayer component of some kind, but nothing of the sort has been confirmed.

Nacon Studio Milan certainly has some big expectations to fulfil. Aside from working with a prominent and popular franchise, this is only its second game.

Its website lists one other release, motorbike simulator Rims Racing, which released last year for consoles and PC, and was met with middling to decent reviews.

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