The 10 Most Beautiful Locations Throughout Assassin’s Creed

Twenty-two releases into an ever-growing franchise, Assassin’s Creed has sure spanned the map both in geography and time. In fact, each new release announcement is met with a bubble of excitement as people try to guess where they’ll be transported to next. In between releases, people are left to toss their ideas into the ring.

From the Crusades to the French Revolution, Vikings to the Italian Renaissance —Assassin’s Creed has everything any gamer or casual history fan could ask for. (Just make sure to be a little forgiving at times when it comes to Historical accuracy!)

The maps for the Assassin’s Creed games vary in size, from the slightly more open-world feel in the latest additions to games that take place in a singular city like Unity or Syndicate. Either way, whether the map is big or small, there’s no denying the breathtaking scenery in pretty much every game.

10 Constantinople, Turkey

The setting for Assassin’s Creed Revelations finds Ezio traveling to Constantinople —known now as Istanbul. Some fans might know this due to the famous song by the band They Might Be Giants. But the city is expansive and divided up into districts all sprinkled with gorgeous 16th century Ottoman Empire.

Whether you’re climbing tall towers, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, or simply mingling in with the crowds, there are no eyesores in this Assassin’s Creed setting.

9 Florence, Italy

There’s an ongoing debate about which is better: Florence or Venice, but we’re going with Florence. Arguably a fan-favorite location, Florence may not be as large as some of the other maps and locations in the franchise, but it’s easy to argue that these smaller locations are even better.

The red-topped roofs and compact streets of Florence give the game an authentic, homely feel. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer scale of the cities and districts in Assassin’s Creed. In contrast, Florence nails the balance between content and size. From the Santa Maria Novella to the Palazzo Medici, the city is something to behold.

8 Jerusalem, Israel

Any list would be remiss without mentioning Jerusalem. It might not be the city of Alexandria from Origins or have the grand scale of Paris from Unity. But it’s a gift in its own right. Whilst there are many parts of the city that are reminiscent of Jerusalem today, there’s a lot more creative liberty taken here as there’s very little real knowledge of what Jerusalem looked like during the Third Crusade.

Yes, it’s a little subdued in color, but the winding streets and culturally rich city still carry a lot of charm. Arguably, it is one of the more nostalgic Assassin’s Creed locations. Whilst it’s true that Assassin’s Creed settings have come a long way from some of the original games, it doesn’t mean Jerusalem is any less of a contender.

7 Memphis, Egypt

Memphis, especially at night, is an underrated beauty. Located in lower Egypt it used to be a focal point for the area thanks to its easy-to-navigate canal system. Now, it might be because of the rich colors and stunning graphics in the game.

Regardless, Memphis is downright incredible The water winds through the slots of land and the rich foliage, revealing hidden corners of the city that combine both a familiar Assassin’s Creed style and the beauty of Egypt all in one.

6 The Arctic

Assassin’s Creed Rogue, on the whole, is a pretty underrated gem in the franchise; it makes sense that its location is, too. It’s pretty different from the bustling cities and towns of most other Assassin’s Creed games. But the Ubisoft team really committed to the icy, frozen setting of the Arctic.

The setting holds many hidden features such as large glaciers, hidden temples, and frozen shipwrecks but the true beauty comes at night. The Northern Lights fill the sky and make this location a unique and stunning setting.

5 Paris, France

It’s the Paris you recognize but set it back a few centuries and with some French Revolution sprinkled on top. It should really be no surprise that the backdrop to Assassin’s Creed Unity is beautiful, what with Paris being a city full of rich architecture and many prominent buildings and landmarks to feast your eyes upon.

You might not be able to spot the Eiffel Tower just yet, but the Palace of Versailles is certainly easy on the eyes and the Louvre looks gorgeous in its original form. The views over the streets, homes, and rivers from high points definitely make this one worth mentioning.

4 Havana, Cuba

There are many islands that players can visit during Black Flag but Havana, much like it is today, is full of vibrant colors, lots of greenery, and buildings that scream character. That’s before you even look at the views surrounding it; the green mountains and deep blue seas make Havana a spot worth visiting.

Again, it’s not the sprawling city of Paris or London, but its architecture and rich culture make up for the somewhat smaller scale. Plus, there’s plenty of “Pirate” touches that give it that little extra oomph.

3 London, England

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate really dedicated itself to the Industrial Revolution when it came to their London design and boy did it pay off. With an extensive map covering all the well-known parts of central London, there are too many spots to name that are worth exploring but at just a glance.

The smog and horse-drawn carriages heading down cobbled streets give this location an authentic Victorian-era feel. With an area so steeped in history, players can explore the Houses of Parliament, take a trip to Trafalgar Square, or even pay a visit to Buckingham Palace. This is all done, of course, whilst hopping across boats across the famous River Thames.

2 Athens, Greece

It’s no secret that the Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey map was extensive. The first open-world-esque game in the series, Odyssey opened up to a plethora of historic, detailed, and stunning locations. Athens, however, remains one of the larger cities and is breath-taking from the minute you cross over the walls.

Players can explore the richly colored Parthenon that’s restored to all of its former glory or take a trip to the Agora of Athens — a vibrant marketplace that’s a melting pot of goods and cultures from all across the Mediterranian. The size, scale, and attention to detail when it comes to Athens definitely make it one of the most beautiful places in the franchise.

1 Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt

For any history buffs playing Origins, this location feels like a real gift. Whilst the pyramids still stand today, in the game — much like the Parthenon in Odyssey — they’ve been restored to their former glory. The golden tips shimmer in the sun and the deserts surrounding them are filled with palm trees and other detailed landscaping.

The fun thing about this location is that it’s not just there to look at; you can venture into one of the tombs as well! So, whether you’re looking from the sky as Senu or exploring as Bayek; it’s definitely an impressive feat of design.

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