The 15 Most Underrated Pokemon Of All Time, Ranked

With nearly 900 Pokemon in existence, there’s a lot to keep track of. Even the Pokemon Company thinks there’s too many at this point, apparently. With there being just so many creatures nowadays, there are going to be some that rise to prominence, which of course leaves some to fall by the wayside.

While there are some Pokemon that really just aren’t that interesting, today we’ll be looking at 10 of the most underrated of all time. However, this is really just one version of the many variants of this list that could exist. There are honestly just too many underrated Pokemon out there.

Updated December 30th, 2020 by Tanner Kinney: There are too many Pokemon currently available. It’s at a point where there are so many popular Pokemon, but also equally as many that people just completely disregard. It’s almost exciting to encounter forgotten Pokemon like Lumineon, for example, since they’re so uncommon in online discourse. Game Freak attempted to cull the number down to something reasonable, but of course that isn’t the purpose of Pokemon. They’re working on getting green cards to the rest of them, slowly. Underrated doesn’t even have to mean bad, just long-forgotten.

15 Ursaring

Teddiursa is a classic Pokemon, one that’s adorable and even a little bit dangerous. It’s found relatively late in the Johto region, so it makes sense that trainers might not use it since their team has likely been put together by then. Ursaring is just as classic, with high power and a lovable sunbear design.

Ursaring is also underrated by Game Freak themselves. The last time Teddiursa could be found natively was in Gen 4, which means Ursaring is definitely also off the table. If Ursaring made any native appearances in any Pokemon game, it would definitely be recommended.

14 Gastrodon

Some Pokemon type combinations are better than others. One of the best, despite having a crippling weakness to water, is the Water/Ground combo. And one of the water/ground types that often doesn’t get a lot of love is Gastrodon.

Gastrodon certainly gets more respect than other Pokemon. It was a part of Cynthia’s final team in the original Diamond and Pearl games, for instance. However, with two different forms, there’s a split on which one appears. It’s hard to deny that East Sea Gastrodon is cooler looking, so anytime West Sea Gastrodon is the exclusive appearance, Gastrodon stock tanks.

13 Alcremie

The ancient scripture tells us, “It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake.” However, as trainers learned in Sword and Shield, that doesn’t mean the process isn’t obtuse. One of the Pokemon shown during pre-release previews was Alcremie, a cake-like fairy-type that is just plain adorable. Watch it try and run around in the overworld or while camping; it’s so precious.

However, without looking it up, trainers may not have been able to obtain Alcremie easily. Evolving Milcrey, Alcremie’s pre-evo, requires equipping it with a decorative item and spinning around in-game for a specific period of time. It’s a roundabout way of evolving, which may have led people to just forget about it.

12 Barbaracle

Pokemon with unusual designs tend to be more niche in popularity. Not everyone loves “literally just gears” as a Pokemon. Barbaracle fits into that mold, looking like a classic Nintendo hand-boss in Pokemon form.

Binacle is already weird, found through smashing rocks most commonly. Some might even call it “ugly,” but that’s an uncultured take. Barbaracle looks less odd, but still isn’t your typical water-type Pokemon. It’s far from the typical rock-type either. But it packs a punch and is a reliable friend. Barbaracle needs love too.

11 Chikorita

Is it possible for a starter Pokemon to be underrated? Every trainer uses a starter Pokemon, so it’s not like they go unused like other underrated Pokemon. And yet, when the discourse goes to what starter to throw away, there’s one usual suspect: Chikorita.

Chikorita is a wonderful Pokemon. In terms of personality, Ash’s Chikorita was one of the funniest and most distinct of his party in Johto Journey’s. Bayleef and Meganium are also both solid designs, Bayleef being a lot better than a lot of mid-evolutions. It may not be great in battle at… anything, but battles aren’t about stats. They’re about friendship. Chikorita and Meganium are the perfect Pokemon at providing friendship.

10 Lickylicky

Look at this absolute UNIT of a Pokemon. Actually, maybe Lickylicky isn’t underrated. He might just be correctly rated on the low end.

Regardless, Lickylicky first found his way into our hearts as one of the Generation 4 evolutions, being a larger and… toungier version of the beloved Lickitung. That’s really it, it is just a larger version of Lickitung. It just goes to show that bigger really isn’t always better.

9 Chimecho

Chimecho is absolutely the purest boi in all of the land and deserves absolutely as much praise as possible. This Generation 3 Pokemon evolves from Chingling with high friendship.

The windchime like Pokemon really just likes to float around and eat berries, and we should absolutely not try and force him to battle (he’s not very good at doing that anyway). Just love him with all of your heart, he’s really earned it.

8 Maractus

In order to remember the name of Maractus, I was forced to look up “cactus Pokemon” This poor thing wasn’t even the first search result. You’ll never hear anyone talking about this Generation 5 Pokemon, which is really quite a shame.

While Cacturne certainly is a more full-fledged cactus Pokemon, Maractus has something going for it probably. Maractus offers a more fun and colorful depiction of a cactus, having a nice color contrast due to the flowers on its… ears? Truly a star.

7 Drampa

Drampa might be even kind of a mess in the PU tier, but that by no means should make him underrated. Drampa is a KING. Do you want to hear what this boy does? Drampas often live by towns, and the kids in the towns love him.

According to the Pokedex, when one of its friends gets bullied by another kid, Drampa find their house and burns it to the ground. WHAT? What sort of monster is he? Kids, don’t bully or a dragon will find your house and destroy everything you’ve ever had. Drampa is a legend.

6 Leavanny

Going to a complete 180 from our last Pokemon, this one makes clothes for its other Pokemon friends out of leaves. Ok, adorable. Leavanny is another Generation 5 Pokemon, evolving from the equally fantastic and always furious Swadloon.

The humanoid like Pokemon is one that is always full of joy, requiring high friendship to evolve. Like many of the other Pokemon on this list, its poor battling skills probably don’t help its case of being underrated.

5 Porygon -Z

While there’s certainly an argument to be made that the entire Porygon line is underrated, Porygon-Z certainly takes the cake for the most underrated of the three, despite its strength. Porygon-Z is an evolution from Porygon2, although this time, it seems that things went wrong. Porygon-Z wasn’t originally supposed to turn out the way he did, the programmers that made him weren’t qualified, and thus, we ended up with Z.

Unfortunately, the ability to travel through dimensions that he was supposed to have didn’t quite work out either. Give this poor boy some love if you can, his entire existence is a mistake. At the very least we can make sure that he doesn’t have to feel like that is the case.

4 Rapidash

Rapidash is an actual fire horse. How are you going to ignore that? Being able to control the heat of the flames on his back, Rapidash allows only trusted trainer to ride him. While certainly not one of the most complex Pokemon out there, Rapidash isn’t over or under-designed, and looks perfect just as he is.

Blazing fast with hooves as tough as diamonds, Rapidash is one horse you don’t want to mess with. He can also jump like 400 feet into the air for some reason with Bounce, so don’t stand near Rapidash at all ever really.

3 Tropius

Y’all out here living in the current year while Tropius is living in the super-future growing bananas on his neck. Tropius is a dinosaur-like Pokemon with wings that grows fruit out of his neck. While he isn’t the best battler, his design is absolutely fantastic.

The Pokemon provides a very jungly, ancient vibe. Unfortunately, fans of the series never seem to pay Tropius any respect, which is such a shame for the excellent Pokemon.

2 Tsareena

Tsareena is literally just out here kicking everything that stands in her way and truly what more could you ever want out of a Pokemon? That’s right, named after Russian queens, Tsareena is wholly based around kicking.

Its evolution requires it to know stomp, it has a kicking signature move called Trop Kick, Tsareena is absolutely everything. This girl takes no prisoners, and we really could all learn a thing or two from her. Have obstacles in your life? Kick them.

1 Oricorio

Oricorio is certainly the most underrated Pokemon of all time, which is a crime because this bird is literally the loudest Pokemon that has probably ever existed ever. While it doesn’t evolve into anything, there are various items you can find around the Alolan region that can change it into one of its four styles.

All of these styles give it a different typing, but who cares about that? The real advantage is that each style gives Oricorio a different look and dance. That’s right, Oricorio is a dancing Pokemon, and each style has a distinct way of dancing that sets it apart. You’re getting four dancers for the price of one here. What a treasure. With a style all its own, Oricorio is certainly the most underrated Pokemon there is.

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