The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – Achievement/Trophy Guide

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is the fourth game in season one of The Dark Pictures Anthology and draws the first half of the collection to a close. For your efforts in playing the story in various ways across playthroughs, you’ll be rewarded with a cool 31 trophies/achievements when all is said and done.

Some of them are easy, like simply experiencing the prologue chapter to the end, while others are much heavier endeavors like completing collections. Below, we’ll detail the unlock conditions for all 31 trophies in The Devil in Me.

We've tried to keep our guide as spoiler-free as we can, but some achievements for the game give away potential plot points.

Visible Achievements/Trophies

To kick off our guide, we've got the visible rewards, the ones you can see in your achievement/trophies lists even before you've met the unlock conditions. There are a total of 12 trophies and achievements in The Devil in Me that you can view right off the bat.

Name Description Scene Notes And Tips
Murder Castle Completed the prologue. The World's Fair Hotel There's nothing specific you have to do for this trophy. Simply experience the prologue through to the end.
Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay Completed the solo story. Lake It doesn't matter what ending you get, but this is unlocked by finishing the game's story in solo mode for the first time.
Happy Ending Everyone survived. Lake You made it to the end of The Devil in Me with all five protagonists still alive.
Unhappy Ending Nobody survived. (Variable) This is earned when your final of the five crew members has died. The story ends with their death, but you get an achievement for it!
Shocking Fixed all the fuse boxes. (Variable) With Jamie being the group's electrician, it seems, she'll need to be alive throughout, as she's the one to unlock this.
Handy Obtained all inventory items. (Variable) With such a wide spread of these items throughout the game, you may get your final one in a different place than others. These unlock as soon as you've found the last item mentioned, which can be in any scene depending on which is technically your last.
Investigator Found all the Silver Framed Secrets.
Camera Shy Found all the Black Framed Secrets.
Photogenic Found all the White Framed Secrets.
Man of Many Interests Found all of Du'Met's business cards.
Collector Found all the secrets.
I Like Money Collected 200 obols.

Hidden Achievements/Trophies

On the other hand, the devs don't want to give away the massive plot points and twists right away – you'll have to do some work in order to find the rest. If you're not up for random encounters with trophies, here are the unlock conditions for all 18 of the hidden achievements and trophies for The Devil in Me.

Name Description Scene Notes And Tips
Happier Ending The dog made it off the island alive. Lake To earn this, you must reach the end of the game with Connie the dog alive and present.
Phoenix Charlie survived the furnace. Inferno Tied to one of the picture premonitions, Charlie enters a furnace trap after falling through the floor. You earn this trophy for knowing how to help him survive the flames.
Shattering Expectations Kate and Jamie both survived the glass trap. Reflection There are many ways the glass trap in this scene can play out, but you're rewarded for saving both women if you can. Remember who has the screwdriver in your playthrough!
Hark! Mark got the lighthouse working. Lighthouse Mark must remain alive until this scene in order to unlock this reward. There is a QTE at the box that could send Mark flying back and interrupt his progress.
Guilty The crew didn't trust Charlie, and he paid the price. Lighthouse You're potentially able to find a manufactured voicemail from Charlie when playing as Erin during the Silver Ash scene, which may factor into your decisions with the crew, whether they believe it's real.
Award-Worthy Kate fell for Du'Met's impersonation. Lighthouse With everyone but Kate and Mark dead as you head toward the Ultimatum ending, Kate needs to choose to help "Mark" instead of investigating the door.
The Cycle Continues Mark agreed to Du'Met's proposal. Lighthouse With everyone but Kate and Mark dead as you head toward the Ultimatum ending, agree to Du'Met's proposal.
0451 Jamie reset the fuse box. Blackout The code for the room containing the fuse box can be found on a piece of printer paper tacked to a cork board in the area. As suggested by the trophy, the code for the room is 0451.
Lend Me A Hand? Charlie's hand was crushed. Wall Fail the QTE during this scene.
Sparks Jamie and Erin kissed. Guests An optional romance can take place between Jamie and Erin. Making the right dialogue choices as Jamie in this chapter can potentially end with the pair sharing their first kiss in Jamie's room.
Can You Pet The Dog? Yes, you can pet the dog. Cliffside/Homestead If Charlie is alive, Mark will not meet Connie during Cliffside. Connie will instead be introduced during Homestead. Don't kill the dog in any scene, accidentally or purposely, to unlock this.
Rekindled Kate and Mark rekindled their relationship. Lighthouse Kate and Mark need to have a notedly high relationship by the end of the game, which progresses every time they have a conversation wherein you make choices as one of them.
Extinguished Jamie chose to sacrifice herself in the glass trap. Reflection Kate must have the screwdriver for this to work.
Ignited Jamie chose to save Erin in the suffocation chamber. Breathless Choose Erin over Kate when given the option.
Until Death Do Us Part 2 Jeff and Marie watched each other die. The World's Fair Hotel Marie is easier to see if you choose to have her investigate when Holmes enters the bathroom.
Toasty Charlie maintained control during dinner. Dinner With the crew's nerves rapidly decaying, you control Charlie as he makes a speech to the group. Be kind and encouraging in your speech to unlock this.
Crime Scene Photographer Found all of Mark's photo opportunities. (Variable) You may take your final one in a different place than other players. This unlocks as soon as you've taken the last photo, which can be in many scenes depending on your choices.
Say Cheese! Took a photo of each crew member.

The Final Achievement/Trophy

In The Devil in Me, the final achievement/trophy will take you quite a while to earn, but it does come to you for no extra effort if you've already gotten everything there was to get in the game.

The final achievement/trophy for The Devil in Me is called The Architect, and the only unlock requirement for it is collecting every other one of the 30 trophies listed above. When you unlock your final trophy in another tier, your ultimate reward is delivered right along with it.

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