The Day Before Now Accused Of Copying Another Game Trailer

The studio behind The Day Before attempted to ease fears among those waiting for the game last week by showing ten minutes of gameplay. On top of all of it being fairly mundane, a breakdown of its opening shots appears to prove they were effectively lifted from another game's trailer.

Even without the accusations it copied another trailer, the gameplay did little to inspire hope in the people who made The Day Before one of Steam's most wishlisted games last year. A comparison video from Force Gaming (thanks, PC Gamer) might well extinguish whatever spark of hope those people had left.

Not only does it show The Day Before's devs were almost certainly inspired by a trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's zombies mode, but they appear to have copied some of its shots. Not only can you see The Day Before and CoD's framing and color palettes are almost identical, but they line up perfectly when played.

Not a good look for The Day Before and unlikely the accusations will be publicly addressed. As pointed out in the replies to the tweet above, this isn't the first time Fntastic appears to have mimicked an established game or series to generate hype for The Day Before. Artwork previously published is incredibly similar to an image used to hype The Last Of Us Part 2, right down to the font, and a shot from a previous trailer is almost identical to one used in a trailer for The Division.

Exactly what is going on with The Day Before becomes harder to figure out by the day. With a little more than a month to go until a launch that had already been delayed once, Fntastic revealed its post-apocalyptic survival title needed to be pushed back eight months. Apparently, the studio neglected to file a trademark for the game's name allowing someone else to beat them to it.

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