The Day Before’s Trademark Issues Now Extend To YouTube

Just when you think the saga surrounding The Day Before can't get any stranger, it does. Fntastic, the studio behind the troubled title, published another statement over the weekend. This time in response to the trademark issues it claims to have been suffering, relaying that the problem now extends to The Day Before's YouTube channel too.

“First Steam and then YouTube removed some of The Day Before videos from our channel due to a trademark dispute,” Fntastic's latest statement reads. The Day Before's release date, which was supposed to be March 1, was recently delayed eight months. Fntastic claims the reason for that is due to someone else filing a trademark for The Day Before, preventing the studio from doing so.

This most recent statement actually sheds a little more light on what exactly Fntastic is claiming has happened, revealing who filed a trademark for The Day Before. “The so-called 'owner' of the rights to the title is the creator of the calendar app, which has nothing to do with the games category,” the statement reads. There's an app called TheDayBefore which is presumably what Fntastic is referencing.

The second point in the statement explains the calendar app creator filed for The Day Before trademarks ahead of Fntastic in 2021. The third and final point isn't worded very well but appears to claim the trademark owner has offered to speak and hash out a deal with Fntastic. The Day Before developer appears unwilling to meet with the man who beat them to the trademark it needs, prompting people to suggest a name change for the game in the replies.

As if all of this wasn't murky enough, while the latest gameplay of The Day Before appears to have been taken down, other videos have been allowed to remain. There's every chance the most recent gameplay video has been hit with a copyright notice for other reasons. Shortly after the somewhat bland ten minutes of footage was shown off, some viewers noted that a few of its shots appeared to have been copied from other video game trailers.

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