The Division 2 Raid Release Date Delayed: State of the Game update confirms May launch

Changes are also coming to the Dark Zone, The Division’s infamous no man’s land where players can extract top-tier loot, working together or turning on one another for a chance to increase their haul.

Ubisoft is responding to feedback with players complaining that the sequel’s three Dark Zone areas are too sparsely populated and don’t offer enough high-end loot drops.

To remedy this, the developers are looking to make sure that instances start to hit a target number of 12 players, which they believe is the perfect middle ground. As a result, players shouldn’t feel too isolated or caught in a chaotic frenzy.

Ubisoft is also skewing the Dark Zone loot ratio to favour more contaminated loot drops.

Unlike regular loot, these items need to be extracted via helicopter – a process that alerts nearby players in the same instance, giving them the opportunity to swoop in and steal your precious gear.

As a result, the number of contaminated items you’ll be able to carry can now be increased.

Also, to encourage more players to step into the Dark Zone, this will be the only place where Agents can find armour and weapons with a Gear Score of 515, statistically making these items the most powerful in the game.

Ubisoft discussed its weapon normalization system too. At present, this helps even the playing field in The Division 2’s “Conflict” PvP mode as well as Dark Zone areas by negating the raw stat power of weapons.

In theory, the system is there to stop Division 2 die-hards from steamrolling other players simply because they’ve been grinding away for the best gear available.

However, once the new title update goes live, PvP will start to recognise item rolls such as critical hit bonuses, helping to bring competitive play more in line with how the rest of the game feels.

The PvP damage modifier is also being brought down from 70% to 40% which will give players more time to react during an attack, again reflecting the feel and flow of PvE and solo play. Ubisoft hopes that this will encourage players to think tactically while also making use of more skills.

For those wanting to sample these upcoming changes, PC players can now to access a public test server (PTS) and submit feedback.

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