The Game Awards Festival Demos Available For Free On GeForce Now

The Game Awards is more than a popularity contest between the year’s hottest titles. In fact, starting today you can take part in The Game Awards Festival, a virtual showcase meant to simulate the experience of attending a gaming convention. This event gives you access to dozens of demos for several highly anticipated upcoming games. While the demos are currently being offered on Steam, you can now access them remotely using GeForce Now.

If you don’t have a PC powerful enough to play games, fear not – GeForce Now lets you join in on The Game Awards Festival regardless of your computing power. The demos are now available on the service and, even if you just have a free account, you’ll be able to test out the games. To get setup, first visit the official GeForce website and create your profile. Then, just install the GeForce Now client and you’re ready to play a few of the best upcoming indie titles.

While several games are available, one of the most interesting is Olija, an action-adventure game with a heavy dose of platforming. It’s from Devolver Digital – the publisher of Fall Guys – so hopes are high Olija is another great addition to the Devolver catalog.

Disc Room and Selfloss are two other playable demos, with Disc Room also part of the Devolver Digital family. Disc Room is set in the year 2089, a year when a giant disc has been discovered orbiting around Jupiter. The game is a bit hard to describe – and has a wild premise – so check it out in action in the video below:

Selfloss is much different from the other two games mentioned above. It tells the story of a “kind old man in a fantasy setting of Ancient Russian and Icelandic myths.” You’ll use your staff to fight off mythical creatures, helping anyone in need that you stumble upon during your journey. The low-poly graphics look incredible, and we can’t wait to see what the full-game looks like when it finally releases.

The Game Awards Festival runs until December 14, so be sure to check out the entire catalog while you can.

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