The Iron Giant Took Three Times Longer To Develop Than Any Other Fighter In MultiVersus

MultiVersus director Tony Huynh has revealed that The Iron Giant took three times longer to develop than any other character on the roster.

Earlier in the week, we finally got the open beta date for MultiVersus, as well as a new gameplay trailer that gives us our first look at The Iron Giant in action. As expected, he's absolutely huge, with some characters almost being a third of his height and being completely covered up when they get punched by him.

As you might expect from a character whose height is so different from what we've seen in MultiVersus so far, MultiVersus' director Tony Huynh has revealed that he took three times longer to create than any other character on the roster, as well as giving specific credit to Daniel Kraft, the same designer who created Tom and Jerry's moveset.

Huynh said, "Iron Giant was designed by Daniel Kraft who also designed Tom and Jerry. Iron Giant took us 3x longer to develop than any other character on the roster, but it opens up some doors for new characters". It's particularly exciting that Daniel Kraft worked on Tom and Jerry, as their unique style of fighting was easily one of the highlights of the MultiVersus closed alpha test. It's likely that The Iron Giant will be just as interesting of a character.

One of the key worries from MultiVersus players is that The Iron Giant is so unique and big when compared to the rest of the cast that he's just going to be "combo food". Thankfully, Huynh also responded to those worries, pointing out that nerfs and buffs will be handed out like they were for other characters, "For most of Iron Giant’s development he was broken strong. We kept nerfing until we went too far the other way. Then we buffed again until we thought he was in a good spot. We’ll see how Iron Giant is in open beta and keep tuning. Would appreciate feedback!"

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