The Legend Of Zelda Fans Share Their Favourite Dances From The Series

There are a few things that you can expect in every Zelda game. Besides the titular Zelda, there will be a Link, a Master Sword, a bow, and bombs. Sometimes the game will feature Hyrule, sometimes the big baddie will be Ganon, but bows, swords, and bombs, and a little elf warrior are the big recurring themes.

Well, that and dancing.

Even if the game didn't feature dancing as a mechanic (which many do), nearly every game since Zelda became 3D has featured at least one dancing character. In a ResetEra thread, user Spring-Loaded notes, "There are various dances depicted in The Legend of Zelda series, some central to the plot/progression, and others are just for world-building." And then they ask simply, "Which dance is the best?"

The first entry into the Zelda dance-off is the Goron Dance from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Predating 3D, the Goron Dance is a rhythm-based mini-game where Zelda has to perform certain moves in time with the beat. Get it right, and you'll get Rupees, Fasha Seeds, Magic Rings, and the coveted Brother Emblem. Get it wrong and the graceful Goron will berate you.

Another common response was the Flare Dancer, a mini-boss from Ocarina of Time's Fire Temple. As the name implies, this baddie was literally on fire, making them difficult to fight. Link's only option was to remove the Flare Dancer's core via hookshot, Megaton hammer, or bombs, and then stab it before it can run away–a difficult task as the Flare Dancer constantly pirouettes.

Zelda fans always have fond memories of Twilight Princess's Malo Mart and its dancing customers, with user Neko_No_Naku commenting, "This song lives in my head rent-free." Then there's the creepy mask that removes Link's face in Majora's Mask, and who could forget Hestu, the musician of Korok Forest in Breath of the Wild?

There are way more dances than we can list here, and you can see most of them in .gif form on the original thread.

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