The Looker: 5 Beginner Tips

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  • There Is A Care Package At The Start
  • How To Quickly Exit The Game
  • Don't Ever Solve This Puzzle
  • Don't Overthink
  • Look Around For Easter Eggs

The Looker is a puzzle game available on Steam, and it is developed and published by Subcreation Studio. It is a humorous title filled with different kinds of puzzles that are definitely going to give you a hard time since the game doesn't give you anything for free.

The game is rated Overwhelmingly Positive on the platform and has a play time of around two hours. If you're planning to boot up this game, know that you will require all the concentration that you can muster to solve the significantly hard puzzles. But, at least you will have a few jokes to keep you calm along the way.

There Is A Care Package At The Start

When you start the game, you spawn in a hallway facing a door that has a puzzle on top of it. You can solve this puzzle to begin the game, but there is already a secret here. If you turn around, you will see the hallway going far back. Make sure to follow this path before you head out of the main door.

Once you're at the end, you will see an ammunition crate and a med-kit casually rotating around. Pick these up to get an achievement that less than 50 percent of the people that played this game have. These items are also going to be useful later on in the adventure.

How To Quickly Exit The Game

For most of the games, you can simply press Alt+F4 to quit the game and the progress gets saved automatically, but not for this one. The developers claim that they wanted it to be annoying and frustrating after all. To exit this game, just press escape, and your character's hand will cover your screen.

Once you're here, you need to solve the respective puzzle to continue or quit. That's right, you can't just press Esc again to continue the game, either. To solve the puzzle, you simply have to connect the Start to End. This is the same for most of the puzzles in the game.

Don't Ever Solve This Puzzle

The Looker is a ruthless game and if you think it'll have any mercy on you, you're wrong. When you're heading back into the hallway to collect your care package, you will see this screen on the right side which has another puzzle and says "Solve to delete save file." This is quite literally true.

If you connect the Start to End in this puzzle and solve it, the game will instantly close and the next time you start it, you will begin a new game since your saved file will be thrown inside a dumpster.

Don't Overthink

Sometimes, the game tends to bamboozle you by throwing a puzzle that looks really hard your way. You can take hours to figure some of these out only to realize that the solution was far easier than you thought it would be. Pay attention to how the puzzle is set up before starting it and try to find an easier and more obvious way to solve it.

Look Around For Easter Eggs

Oh, look! A hint button. So, the developers do realize that their game can be extremely hard to solve. Nope, that's where you're wrong. The game is littered with many Easter eggs that contain many humorous dialogues and will actually help you stay sane while playing this.

Make sure you take a look around every corner, and inside every trash can, so you don't end up missing any of these. Some of these also have multiple dialogues so keep solving the puzzle to listen to all of them.

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