The Looker Is A Surprisingly Well Made Parody Of The Witness

The Witness is one of the most highly rated indie games in recent memory, and is the ambitious follow-up to the puzzle platformer Braid. Both games come from the mind of acclaimed game designer Jonathan Blow. But a parody of The Witness called The Looker has players calling it a hilarious parody of Blow's work while drawing admiration for just how well made the "shitpost" is.

"If you liked The Witness, you'll like The Looker. If you hated The Witness, you'll love The Looker," reads a review on Steam.

Developed by indie Subcreation Studio, The Looker has 'overwhelmingly positive' Steam reviews. It's been described as a "masterpiece", a "decent game in its own right", and "worth every penny" (it's free).

The game only lasts for around two hours, but over its brief duration players will face "unique challenges, ponderous ideas, and feebly amusing in-jokes," reads The Looker's description. Similar to the game it's based on, players find themselves on a mysterious island replete with creative puzzles. But the puzzles in The Looker are decidedly funny rather than brain melting.

Online commentors have pointed out while the parody might start off a little slow, with some repetitive jokes, the second half contains some highly impressive work, especially the game's ending.

Inspired by classic graphic-adventure puzzler Myst, Jonathan Blow's The Witness launched in January 2016 on PC and PS4, and was later ported to Xbox One, MacOS, and iOS. It is only Braid's second indie title after 2008's Braid, which launched on the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade. Braid earned fame after drawing considerable critical praise, and made several million dollars in revenue, which Blow ploughed into development for his next game, The Witness, which took a fairly long time to see the light of day.

Blow has been working on a complex project since around 2012, which will explore thematically related subjects in different installments, but not much has been heard about it for some time. Meanwhile, those looking for a laugh might want to give The Looker a spin, especially as it's free and devoid of any microtransactions.

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