The Most Iconic Outfits In RPGs

Game designers are constantly fighting to stand out with the plethora of content that is being pushed out each day. One of the best ways to do this is with striking character silhouettes, and outfitting your characters in something memorable. But what exactly makes a character memorable? What makes specifically an outfit stand out among the crowd?

Whole professions and college courses are dedicated to these questions. Put simply, unique outfits that stick in the mind are typically simple, yet stylish. The hardest part of developing impactful clothing for characters is making it timeless, a Herculean task at the best of times. With that said, let's pay homage to some of the best outfits in RPGs.

10 Ultimecia – Final Fantasy 8

Introduced in Final Fantasy 8, Ultimecia is an icon of fashion. She perfectly blends her monstrous traits with a flowing evening dress. Part of what makes Ultimecia's look so great is all the details that slowly jump out at you the longer you look.

Those horns? Actually just her hair she has put up to look more intimidating. And are those black wings a separate entity, or a part of her evening wear? All we know for sure is that every aspect of Ultimecia's appearance serves to make her more intimidating.

9 Geralt Of Rivia – The Witcher

Toss a coin to your Witcher to pay your respects to this iconic look. As Geralt taught Ciri in The Witcher 3, Witchers are known to only wear light armor in order to keep mobile in the face of beasts. In Geralt's case, he makes sure to never sacrifice fashion for function.

Sure, one could argue that all that metal plating is necessary: and it is. What is not necessary is to wear the chain mail so stylishly over the clothes. Where most would hide their protective coatings, Geralt wears it proudly and styles it with the rest of his outfit to look more intimidating, yet professional for possible clients he may meet on his travels.

8 Futaba Sakura – Persona 5

Persona 5 has its share of well-dressed individuals. We specifically chose Futaba, because she is iconic both in and out of costume. Out of costume, she has this cool grunge meets '90s nerd going on. It's obviously retro but never feels out of style.

Her costume is just as great. It goes for the totally opposite vibe and looks like something that would be pulled directly out of a computer. The green highlights complement both the black of the suit and her hair color. Her goggles also feature nice red lenses that really make them pop against the black.

7 John Hancock – Fallout 4

Just because you aren't conventionally attractive there's no excuse not to dress to the nines. John Hancock seems to live by this philosophy, and it really shows in his patriotic garments. Hancock is a ghoul in Fallout 4 and what you would call a "purist" of American society. He goes so far as to wear a traditional hat and red coat from 1776.

True to his beliefs, the ghoul stumbled upon the garments of the long-dead John Hancock, donned them, and assumed that identity. Hancock embodies the inner child in all of us who have idolized a character and wished to dress like them every day. The only difference is, Hancock followed it through.

6 Qiqi

Qiqi is a zombie in the popular game, Genshin Impact. Her wardrobe is extremely unique and is based on Japanese folklore regarding ghosts. We can see a few inspirations in her accessories, such as the Ofuda on her head. Ofuda were used to ward away ghosts or to seal their spirits within objects.

In fact, her whole wardrobe is made up of a mishmash of Japanese cultural icons. The Ying Yang symbol comes from Daoism. The amulet around her neck is called a gofu, which is an amulet of purity used in Buddhist rituals. Overall, Qiqi has a unique outfit, not only from its Japanese roots but also from the soft purple pallette that it utilizes.

5 Classic Link

Link has sported many looks over the years, especially in the Breath Of The Wild franchise, yet no outfit is quite as iconic as the Classic Link set that we all know and love. A green cap and green tunic tied together with a brown belt complete this swordsman's ensemble.

As with many other outfits on this list, Link's set is extremely minimal, allowing it to stick easily in the brain. What is different about Link's outfit is how unusual it is. Many developers will choose a middle-of-the-road kind of outfit (think Tomb Raider style) where the clothing is simple but very "normal". Link's clothes are very distinct, and they toed the line from classic to campy but still managed to nail it.

4 Tali'Zorah – Mass Effect

The Ghosts of Destiny have a great design and overall silhouette, but they took their outfits from a true icon. Tali'Zorah from Mass Effect sports is one of the most believable futuristic ensembles in media. It is the perfect unity of classic cloth with high-tech enhancements.

Tali'Zorah's garb is fashionable and extremely functional, a perfect blending of two worlds. The designs on the cloth aspects of the clothes are deceptively complex, and very aesthetically pleasing the longer your eye lingers. Her garments are classically dark for the most part with one alternative skin utilizing a white-with-black highlights color scheme, which is a rare sight and difficult to pull off correctly.

3 Sora

Sora has to compete with many Disney characters in the Kingdom Hearts series, and the developers knew this. As a result, they gave Sora a few very defining characteristics to stand out amongst the crowd. Sora is a simple human who has to fit in with a cartoonish crowd.

To achieve this, he wears comically baggy pants and massive shoes. Not only does this help him feel like a character you would see alongside Goofy and Donald, but they also give him a great silhouette that is immediately identifiable. His colors for his clothes are very bright and complementary colors, which reinforce his childish vibe, and further give him a classic Disney feel.

2 2B

Blindfolds are a very classy fashion statement, it's just a shame they make it so hard to see. 2B is not afflicted with the need to see, so she gets to flex this unorthodox fashion statement. All black is a hard look to keep interesting but 2B certainly pulls it off.

To break up the monotonous monochrome, 2B has puffy prom dress shoulders on her dress, and they flare out at the ends in a flower pattern around her wrists. The dress gets more complex the longer you look, and you can spot some intricate patterns along the hem of the skirt and in the little window on her chest. 2B keeps accessorizing simple using only small white gauntlets, a black hairband, and of course the black blindfold.

1 Team Rocket

The ultimate fashion statement in gaming history has to be the Team Rocket uniform from Pokemon. To start, these stylish uniforms are unisex but still flattering. Anyone who wants to try this outfit will find themselves looking good and feeling bad.

Team Rocket uniforms are also somewhat inspired by old American prison jumpsuits with the black-and-white color scheme, so at least they display to the world what they stand for. Furthermore, as displayed by Jesse and James, the monochromatic palette only enhances the look of the uniform when paired with colored hair. Team Rocket is the ultimate place to look for self-expression. They wear their intentions on their literal chests and are inclusive to all groups of people.

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