The Sims 4 Free Update Adds Create-A-Sim For Infants

Babies have never really been all that exciting or interesting in The Sims. That will all change next month. EA has confirmed its promised infant update will roll out on March 14. An update that will finally make your Sim babies a lot more than inanimate objects that don't do anything but you still need to care for.

Included in EA's Behind The Sims summit this week (thanks, Polygon) was a new trailer properly showcasing The Sims 4's new infant stage for the first time. Rather than being little more than something that doesn't move lying in a bassinet, infants will be active Sims that need to be properly cared for. Your new infants will be able to burp, spit up, and might even bite your finger if you're not careful.

You'll also be able to breastfeed your little ones and change their appearance via the Create-A-Sim menu. That means a whole wardrobe of adorable baby clothes is incoming, and yes, that is a teeny tiny baby Sim crawling around in a bear onesie in the video below. There will also be a new wave of items to go with your infants, allowing players to build the perfect nursery.

The update will also include new animations and interactions since it will be introducing an entirely new life stage to the game. Adult Sims will be able to pass infants between each other, and babies will have unique interactions with Sims in every other life stage and will even be able to interact with your pets.

All that remains unclear is when exactly the new infant stage will kick in. Whether the aforementioned boring baby stage will still happen, or if new Sims will now be born directly into the infant stage before becoming toddlers. The infant update will be free for all players, adding even more content to a base game that has been free for everyone since last year. That announcement was coupled with the reveal that work on The Sims 5, currently codenamed Project Rene, had begun.

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