The Sims 4 Players Are Only Just Realising You Can Customise Your Phone

The Sims 4 has been around so long, you'd think players know just about everything you can do to customize your Sims and their surroundings. However, eight years after launch, players, some of them pretty experienced, have only just discovered you can customise your phones.

In a world built around allowing players to edit even the smallest detail, it's a little surprising every Sim has the same grey phone. That's the thing, they don't have to. Pointed out by GamblerJolly (thanks, PCGamesN) after they stumbled upon the feature, players can actually jazz up their plain, boring phones.

“I have been playing this god-forsaken game since launch day and I just now find out you can change their goddamn phone cases,” GamblerJolly writes. With the post is evidence in the form of screenshots that yes, your Sim's phone doesn't have to be grey. As is evident in the replies to GamblerJolly's realisation, they're not the only one who has missed this detail for the past eight years.

Well, six years. Phone cases weren't added to The Sims 4 until two years after launch, which might explain why so many people didn't know about it. Some players have had their eyes opened to it for the first time, while others claim they knew and forgot. On top of changing the case, which will take effect after your Sim puts the phone back in their pocket and takes it out again, you can also alter how the screen looks which will change as you flick through different options.

The Sims 4 went free to play last year, so even though it has been around for more than eight years, with so many additional people now playing, it does make sense that new discoveries are being made. EA made the game free for all shortly after it confirmed work is underway on The Sims 5. Well, Project Rene as it is currently codenamed. Still in very early development, but a lucky few have already had the chance to play it.

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