The Spy Who Shrunk Me’s VR Version Delayed

Currently in Steam Early Access is Catland’s comedy spy caper The Spy Who Shrunk Me. Released in December 2018, the studio has said from the start that virtual reality (VR) support would be added during development, with a roadmap detailing a March launch. With it now being April, Catland has confirmed that there will be a delay, but it shouldn’t be too excessive, arriving later this month.

The studio hasn’t confirmed a specific release date in April, just that it’ll arrive once a few issues have been sorted. The info came as part of another update being rolled out called ‘Technological Difficulties’ which features selectable difficulty levels for the first time – Casual, Normal or Superspy – as well as new obstacles: Cameras and Laser Walls.

“We thought you’d enjoy this update first while we use some much needed polish time on the upcoming Virtual Reality edition,” states Tomi Toikka, Catland CEO. “The game will work on all SteamVR headsets – and due to a few funny last minute issues, we wanted to push this update out first. Keep an eye out a little bit later in April for the debut of our Virtual Reality edition. We’ll do our best to get it out to you as soon as we think it’ll be the best it can be!”

Catland’s roadmap for The Spy Who Shrunk Me features the VR update next, followed by a new mission ‘A Quaternion Identity’, leading towards the videogame leaving Early Access completely.

The Spy Who Shrunk Me is a stealth experience set during the Cold War era with players taking on the role of enigmatic superspy Agent Audrey Smoothspy. Armed with a shrink ray, it’s up to players to infiltrate a Russian software company and steal some very important secrets that could turn the tide of the war. To aid the mission, Smoothspy can also use a number of other cool gadgets, including a teleporter ray, airbag mines, and of course the deadly BANANA!

Since Early Access began Catland has released several updates adding new gadgets like the Spytacles – to see enemies through walls – expanding missions and putting in new ones. The Spy Who Shrunk Me Steam Early Accessretails on for £7.19 GBP. When details of the VR update arrive, VRFocus will let you know.

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