The Super Mario Bros. Movie Is Releasing Two Days Early

Fans itching to watch Illumination’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie have two fewer days to wait. The animated film has been bumped up, releasing April 5 instead of April 7.

Why is the movie being moved up? It’s unclear, but we’re not complaining. The new date applies to over 60 global markets, though the Japanese premiere is set for April 28. For those curious, April 5 lands on a Wednesday. 

Wahoo! The #SuperMarioMovie is moving from April 7 to April 5 in the US and in more than 60 markets around the world. The movie hits theaters in additional markets in April and May, with Japan opening April 28.

Promotion of The Super Mario Bros. Movie has amped up, including Illumination releasing a new commercial and plumbing website for Mario and Luigi. You can also check out the trailer revealing Donkey Kong. 

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