The Unliving: Caredhwaithian Mires Walkthrough

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If you've beaten the moldy sections of Burial Isle and finished the final battle following Apotheosis to destroy the castle wall in The Unliving, you'll have access to the second area known as Caredhwaithian Mires. To access this, head over to the right side after Apotheosis falls, and resurrect the body in water.

Once you've done that, the body will drown and a boat will come out of the water. Interact with it and head to the next area, which will get rid of all the undead you had in Burial Isle. Although, you'll keep all the spells, sacrificial runes, and weapon upgrades.

Caredhwaithian Mires Walkthrough

There is one difference between the spawn points in Caredhwaithian Mires and Burial Isle. Since you'll already have a ton of battles before you reach the former area, the developers provide you with one Lifespark Potion at the beginning. Your health and Lifeforce bar is divided into different sections known as Lifespark that you get from the potion.

During the battle, if your health drops below a certain division on this bar, it'll be permanently lost. The only way to get your health back from this limit is by using the Lifespark Potion.

Other than that, you'll get three Undead Mirefolk and a random Essence from Blood, Bone, Echo, and Lifeforce. After claiming everything, you can head forward to find a group of human Mirefolk that you can defeat to raise them as undead for your army.

There's also a chance that you'll get Hounds with Mirefolks at the very beginning. Keep moving forward and defeating these small groups of enemies to make your army powerful. It's recommended to avoid the barricaded enemies as much as you can because this can result in some unnecessary undead loss.

Choke points are common in The Unliving, but the distinguishing feature of Caredhwaithian Mires is the early appearance of these points. After defeating two or three groups of enemies, you'll already start having multiple groups in one location to attack your army from different directions.

You'll also start getting Clerics and Rangers among enemy groups. It's important to pay attention to the Rangers as they'll try to throw a flaming arrow aimed directly at you whenever they get a chance. This can be avoided by paying attention to the bar that appears below their health bar when they're charging.

While the rooms are randomly generated, there is a general pattern to them. After going to a couple of optional routes and claiming altar rewards, you'll start getting Anglers that will try to drag you toward them with their hooking mechanic.

If the Anglers successfully hook you to them, they'll damage The Necromancer, and you'll be in the middle of a bunch of enemies. If you see the red circle as shown in the picture above, prioritize getting out of it as soon as you can.

Defeating a few Anglers and claiming a few more altars will lead to the appearance of Alchemists, the most annoying enemies in Caredhwaithian Mires. Usually, you'd have to aim at the Clerics when you start fighting a hoard, but it's even more important to defeat the Alchemist first.

Another unique thing about Caredhwaithian Mires is the Archer Towers. There are a bunch of Rangers together on top of these towers that rain arrows on your army when they get close. This can be lethal for the smaller undead, and it can deal a heavy blow to your army.

While you can get rid of the towers by prioritizing your army over them, this isn't always possible. Another decent way to destroy the towers is the third weapon that you unlock only after reaching Sunspire.

Finally, after crossing the first Wares and shopping to your heart's content, you'll have a chance of getting the Commander as an enemy. This human is shown in the picture above, and you need to deal with him carefully. Make sure you bait his AoE attack out before bringing the undead to him.

Eventually, you'll run into an altar overtaken by Zolar's Hermit. You can simply beat her to death and get a random Essence in the process, but The Necromancer will also get a curse, which is shown above his head. This curse will be gone after finishing Caredhwaithian Mires.

Eventually, you'll run into the second Wares that will have a path to the final boss of the area, Ascended Alchemist. You've already seen this boss at the start of this area during the loading screen, but it's not easy to defeat her.

How To Beat Ascended Alchemist

After entering the giant room, you'll see a huge flower with a lady inside it. This monstrosity is the last thing on your way to Sunspire. For the first couple of times you get here, there'll be a little dialogue with Phylacterium about how to get the fragment out of the monster.

Before the battle starts, it's recommended to have at least 50-60 undead in your army. If you have any less, it might be wise to go back and check any rooms you missed. Don't go too far back though, because the undead start decaying and dying if they stay for too long.

When the battle with Ascended Alchemist begins for the first time, you'll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of projectiles coming at you. You need to charge in and defeat the Mirefolk guarding the Ascended Alchemist as fast as possible. Once they're dead, you can resurrect them as undead.

After taking a bit of health away from Ascended Alchemist's giant health bar, she'll shield herself and heavier enemies will appear from multiple hatches around the area. At this point, you'll also start seeing half of the battlefield being covered by red spots.

It can get difficult to take control of your army from this point because they tend to get separated and run in different directions. Try to defeat the bigger enemies first so that they won't be a problem later on, and then find a giant flower that is aiding the Alchemist. Here are the two giant flowers you'll see and their functions:

Unguarded Flower

These flowers will be smaller, but more devastating to deal with. They're the ones spawning multiple projectile red marks across the area, and it's necessary to get rid of them as fast as you can. Thankfully, they're not guarded by Mirefolk and you can easily kill them.

Guarded Flower

This is the bigger flower that is covered by a line of Mirefolk on all four sides. It's also a necessary enemy to defeat because Ascended Alchemist's shield will go away once you do that. There are two shield phases for the boss, and the first one only requires defeating one flower like this.

Although, the second shield phase will require you to defeat two or three of them, which can get overwhelming easily. Once you've defeated them, they can also be converted to the undead and aid you in the battle against Ascended Alchemist.

After you defeat the boss for the first couple of times, you won't be able to get the required fragment because The Necromancer can't figure out the way to do that. You need to defeat it multiple times to get the drop.

Tips To Beat Caredhwaithian Mires

Here are a few tips that can help you beat the messy and confusing segments of Caredhwaithian Mires:

  • Know your priority with the group of enemies in front of you. Here's the order you should try to follow: Archer Tower > Alchemist > Commander > Cleric > Ranger > Angler > Hound > Mirefolk.
  • You might find some rooms with a pot in the middle and a bunch of hatches around the giant room. Unless you have over 100 undead and some amazing spells or sacrificial runes, these rooms are best avoided.
  • Get as many Lifespark bars as you can at the Wares. You won't know where your health goes in the final battle because of the chaos.

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