The Walking Dead Survivors Ad Blatantly Copies Resident Evil Artwork, And It’s Hilarious

The Walking Dead and Resident Evil are both popular zombie-focused franchises, but they don’t share that many similarities. Walking Dead is about showing the ugly side of humanity when society collapses, while Resident Evil is more about shooting mutated supermonsters covered in goo and eyeballs. They’re two very different things.

Well, they sure have something in common now. There’s a mobile game called The Walking Dead: Survivors, which is one of those free-to-play apps that you’ve likely seen pop up in an ad before a Youtube video. Whoever is behind the marketing team for this game apparently had some difficulty coming up with original artwork, so they took some inspiration from the Resident Evil 2 Remake cover art.

In fact, they took too much inspiration as it’s basically the same thing.

As pointed out by Twitter user @UweBollocks, these two images are practically carbon copies of each other. The one on the right is an actual Instagram ad for the mobile app and almost no effort was made to change it from the original. Everything from the building in the background, the placement of the zombies, the color scheme, the lighting, and even the way the two Walking Dead characters are holding their weapons is identical to the Resident Evil 2 Remake cover art. It looks like all The Walking Dead: Survivors marketing team did was cut out Leon and Claire and paste in their generic protagonists.

And judging by a tweet by @KevinMKruse, that seems to be precisely what they did.

That’s Claire’s gun poking out from behind the female Walking Dead: Survivor character. They literally just pasted over Claire and then forgot to erase her hands afterward. Wow, just wow.

Did they honestly expect no one would notice this? They didn’t even bother to try to change things up in a significant way. They just slapped a dude with a baseball cap and a sad-looking lady over art from one of the most popular horror games of the last few years and called it a day. They couldn’t even erase Claire’s hands! That’s an impressive level of laziness.

Unsurprisingly, the Instagram ad has since been taken down. There hasn’t been a response by either the development team behind The Walking Dead: Survivors or the marketing team that made the advertisement as of this time. Hopefully, everyone involved in this little debacle has learned a valuable lesson about plagiarism. Or at the very least, they’ve learned how to better cover up the fact that they’re blatantly copying someone else’s work.

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