These Resident Evil 2 And 3 Remake VR Mods Will Immerse Players In Raccoon City Terror

Resident Evil 2 and 3 developed and expanded on the first Resident Evil, which Capcom launched on the PS1 all the way back in 1996, adding major new features and deathless characters such as Nemesis and Claire Redfield. The two titles were remade with Resident Evil 2 (2019) and Resident Evil 3 (2020) coming out on PS4 and Xbox One. These have been commercially successful, selling millions of copies as fans admired the faithfulness to the originals, while the graphical presentation of the modern remakes are impressive.

But VR mods for these remakes bring a whole 'nother level to these games, immersing players in first-person view, and scaring the bejesus out of us. The modder Praydog has created VR modes for both Resident Evil 2 and 3 and it looks like they've done an incredible job.

A couple months ago UploadVR posted a YouTube video showing them taking the VR mod out for a spin and from the looks of things the game ran superbly via Praydog's VR mod, with the first-person view providing for some scarily atmospheric immersion.

The modder has now released the mod via Gihub, with VR mods for both Resident Evil 2 and 3 available. The modder has done impressive work, not least providing for physical knife damage and physical grenade throwing, as long as players have the right VR gear. When using first person mode, full motion controls are available via the mods.

As tested by UploadVR, the mod has weapon collision to allow for realistic swings of the knife, while the game's cutscenes are rendered in full 3D rather than cutting to virtual windows. But some scenes and their flow will be affected by the VR mod. But all in all, it's an incredible piece of work and will allow players to experience the zombie world of Raccoon City in a way that feels almost like real life, given the immersive nature of VR. Confronting those monsters will be scarier and lifelike than ever, thanks to the work of modders like Praydog.

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