This Digital Tabletop Reads Your Dice Rolls

A new tabletop product hit Kickstarter today, and it’s going to make your board game nights easier. It’s called SquareOne, and it will save your games, allow remote play, and yes, read dice rolls for you.

The Kickstarter for SquareOne can be found here, already founded and then some. The device itself looks like a small tablet that comes with cards and some adorable little pawns. A higher tier adds separate bowl and dice. The bowl can be synced to the SquareOne console to read dice for the games.

The tablet itself acts as the game board. It will read info from pawns and cards and apply their effects to the game. Certain games will come with custom pawns in the future. The console will also have speakers for in-game sounds/music and support multiplayer with other units over a distance.

As for the games, SquareOne is currently partnered with Urban Rivals and Cthulu Wars. These two board games will be digitized for the console and included with certain pledges. Otherwise, there will be a Starter Pack of 10 games included with the console at launch. There are also exclusives in development and ports of well-known board games in development.

To learn more about SquareOne, check out its Kickstarter, which is still going on until mid-December.

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