This Guy Made A Personal Grappling Gun, Now He Can Play Assassin’s Creed In Real Life

You’ve seen several incarnations of assassins using their own grappling hook/gun in Ubisoft’s Assasin’s Creed, but one guy got tired of just watching others have all of the fun. YouTuber BuiltIRL created his very own version of the grappling gun in real life, and now he’s ready to go parkouring off into the sunset, shooting from building to building, just like your favorite Ubisoft protagonist. Well, kind of.

It’s not quite that easy. JT, the talented man behind BuiltIRL, began his journey after being inspired by some of his favorite games with grappling guns like Overwatch, Just Cause, Titanfall, and the aforementioned Assasin’s Creed. He began his adventure into creating the device about a year ago after an internship and has made a series of videos chronicling his journey to a fully functioning grappling hook.

He explains how he crafted the incredible device in the video below (I won’t pretend like I understood a word of it) and the finished product is incredible. JT somehow got a local trampoline park to agree to let him test it out at their business, so he demonstrated his creation to the awe of children everywhere.

JT’s own grappling gun improves upon those from his heroes, like the folks over at Myth Busters. The hook he’s built allows him to go up and down, control the speed and power, launch the hook, and add more rope than the previous competition.

In his video series, JT explains how important it is to be able to control the power and speed for safety. I never really considered it, but yeah, I guess you don’t want to go pulling your arm from the socket. For safety’s sake, he also crafted a harness to use in conjunction with the grappling gun, so he can hook himself up by his waist and launch upward. I’m no expert by any means, but that sounds a little better than yanking your arm around.

At the end of it all, JT mentions he’s pretty happy with where the project is at and is comfortable putting it to bed, even though there’s a bit he would still love to see the grappling hook do. No worries though, the Built IRL channel sounds like it’s not going anywhere as JT has plans for other projects like resuming his Spider-Man Web Shooter. It’s great to see his work go on, as the comment section is filled with folks begging JT to keep going.

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